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Food to Make you Happy

Food happy to make you FitouICKLY.COM You can't control all of the things which give you a case of the blues but everyday you can make some smart moves to improve your physical and mental state with these tasty options Green Tea calm down and have more energy for whole day Oatmeal healthy fiber + cholesterol-lowering properties Seafood afrodisiac with selenium- normalises stress Extra dark chocolate calms muscles+reduces anxiety and depression Salmon it's like 15 minutes on sun- improves mood Walnuts fiber and fat omega-3 curb your appetite Chai helps cut down on sugar and sweeteners Lentils folic acid, protein, fiber stabilize blood sugar Spinach antioxidants protect brain cells, stabilize mood Avocado good for your skin, hair, and nails Blueberries, strawberries alleviate hemorrhoids, diarrhea and Infections Drink LESS Caffeine O sleep well and feel better everyday (don't eat but) Your Pet takes your mind off your problems Exercise! 1-t feel and look sexier Hot Chocolate reminds good moments- but know your limits Red Wine reduce stress and blood presure - use it wisely Bananas increase energy level and concentration THE food YOU like most feel better instantly Consider this facts! Nations tittle - tattles about foods and their obesity rate So delicious but oryginally served as cheap, quick snack to eat in theater sushi JAPAN 3% ITALY pizza, pasta Born in XVI as a dish for the poor, made from flour, oil, water, salt and yeast. FRANCE baguettes, wine, cheese 2 hours long lunch time! They eat snails, frogs' legs, horse meat and differend kind of chease a day 9% POLAND "pigeons", Vodka 2p.m-the biggest meal then supper at 8- smaller meal, usually sandwiches or salads. 11% TURKEY C* 12% kebab, Sade Turks eat fresh baked bread with every meal and 10 or more cups of t day SPAIN E 13% jamon, | Spaniards are shown to be extremely social eaters tapas bar, and drinkers who like to eat out. HUNGARY stew, chilli Hungarian dishes may be too heavy and fatty for people on diet (paprika,onion, garlic and herbs!) 19% ENGLAND pudding, beef steak lin 1762 the Sandwich was invented as a small meal to eat with one hand while gambling. 23% U.S.A. 31% hamburger, cola, apple pie Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta originally as a medicinal drink, first sold in a pharmacy in 1886 Curious about diets and health eating habits? Do you have some diet goal to achieve? Talk to registered dietitian online! FitQuICKLY.COM is #5 the first international platform for dietitians, nutritionists and food lovers around the world. Schedule a meeting today yummu Do you like the California Sushi Boll? Did you know that it originates from the USA? American cuisine is not all about junk-food. Aside from being DELICIOUS, it is a healthy addition to your meal! Know any other healthy American dishes? Let's share! FitQuICKLY.cOM f P

Food to Make you Happy

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There are so many different tastes around us. Very often I find myself searching for something to fulfill my unrecognized desire, and I wonder, “What could I eat to feel a bit better?” Check our l...




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