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Food Lovers Diet: Weight Loss Without Starving to Death

Food Lovers Diet Weight Loss without Starving to Death Based on years of rescarch in nutritional science Food Lovers Fat Loss Plan 2 PHASES Metabolism Makeover Maintenance Phase AFTER THE 21-DAY LASTS FOR 21 DAYS METABOLISM MACEOVER YOU CAN NOW CONSUME FOOD CONTAINING REFINED FLOUR AND SUGAR START PAIRING CARBS WITH PROTEINS & OTHER NUTRIENTS OR THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN FRIED FÖLLÓW AN EATING PLAN TO CONSUME MEALS & SNACKS OVER THE COURSE OF THE DAY IN 2-3 HOUR INTERVAL YOU ARE ALS0 ALLOWED TO CONSUME ALCOHOL FOLLOW AN EXERCISE ROUTINE TO SPEED UP METABOLISM AND FAT BURNING PROCESS 3 versions of Fat Loss Plate 1 PROTEIN I PROTEIN 3 SLOW CARBS I PROTEIN I FAST CARB FAST CARB SLOW CARB Recommended foods for Fat Loss Plate pork tenderloin, sirlein steak, eggs extra lean ground beef skinless poultry breast. fish, low fat dairy pasta, couscous potatoes, bagelk, apples English muttens, grapes cheres, blueberies dried fruits, rolls FAST CARBS LEAN artichokes, canots, pepper, tomatees, lemons, zucchini, green beans, limes broccol, eggplant, asparagus raspberries, strawnberries, blackberries, legumes squash PROTEIN butter, cheese, peanut butter, bacon Cream cheese, sausaga mayonnaise, nuts, seeds Ight salad dressing bok chol, cabbege caulifower, radishes, onions cucumbers, chil pepper, lettuce, mushroems.celery spinach, sprouts SŁOW CARBS FREE CARBS FATS Strategies to eat right You should eat Make sure you get fats, carbs and protein in right amounts Have realistic expectations Exercise - combine strength training with cardio Stay away from processed food Advantages PROMOTESealthy eating habits You don't have to give up anything EASYEick with Food Restrictions Drastic Lifestyle Change Starving leS Losihg weight means: Elevated Energy, Performance and Flexibility Elevated self-confidence Decreased: Cholesterol Improved breathing patterns Better sleep and rest Better social and personal relationship Hypertension Diabetes and Heart-related diseases aufetencel httpevoltianaryd oves dirt-rveiew Ow go.comeldoes the food loors facless sritem r p diets the-food-overs-diet/ Hoss system diet-reviewtpage-2 cTlood com/20DI earrmore-sboutdood-lovers-diet-planlm etad comaetMeatu esood-kovers-fat

Food Lovers Diet: Weight Loss Without Starving to Death

shared by seospin on Apr 11
Food Lovers Diet program is a simple and easy to follow diet plan that teaches you to how to lose weight without compromising much on lifestyle. This plan allows you to choose the right food which can...


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