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Food Hacks to Keep Your Bounty Fresher for Longer

Food Hacks to Keep_ Your Bounty Fresher, Longer HOW TO STORE FOOD FOR OPTIMAL FRESHNESS Fruits FRUIT WHERE LENGTH OF TIME PREP Apples Unwrapped Refrigerator shelf 3 weeks Avocados Countertop 4 days Unwrapped to ripen once ripe Refrigerator shelf when ripe Avocados (halved) Refrigerator 1 day Squeeze lemon juice on flesh shelf Wrap in plastic Bananas 3 days once ripe Countertop Unwrappod Bananas (halved) 1-2 days Refrigerator shelf Keep peel on Wrap open end in foil Berries Refrigerator 3-5 days Uncovered drawer Vented container Citruses Refrigerator 2 weeks Unwrapped shelf Citruses (halved) 2-3 days Wrap in plastic Refrigerator shelf Grapes Refrigerator 1-2 weeks Perforated drawer plastic bag Melons Countertop 5 days Unwrapped once ripe Melons (halved) 7-10 days Refrigerator shelf Wrap in plastic Peaches/Plums 5 days once ripe Unwrapped Countertop to ripen Refrigerator shelf when ripe Pears Countertop 4 days Unwrapped once ripe Tomatoes Countertop 5 days Unwrapped or in a vented container Vegetables VEGETABLES WHERE LENGTH OF TIME PREP Asparagus Refrigerator 4 days Stems in shelf water Lightly cover with plastic Beets Plastic bag Countertop to ripen 2 weeks Refrigerator shelf when ripe Bell Peppers Refrigerator 1 week Plastic bag shelf Broccoli 5 days Wrap in plastic Refrigerator drawer Cabbage Wrap in plastic Refrigerator 2 weeks drawer Carrots Plastic bag Refrigerator drawer 3 weeks Cauliflower Refrigerator 5 days Wrap in drawer plastic Celeries Refrigerator drawer 2 weeks Wrap in foil Cucumbers Refrigerator 1 week Wrap in plastic drawer Dark leafy greens Refrigerator 1 week Plastic bag drawer with dry paper towel Garlic Unwrappod, whole Dark pantry 2 months Ginger Refrigerator 1 month Unwrapped shelf Ginger (cut) Plastic bag with dry Refrigorator 1-2 weeks drawer paper towel Green beans Refrigerator drawer Plastic bag with dry 1 week paper towel Head of lettuce Refrigerator 5 days Plastic bag drawer with dry paper towel Mushrooms 3 days Refrigerator shelf Paper bag Onions Dark pantry 1-2 months Unwrapped Onions (halved) 3-5 days Sealed Refrigerator drawer plastic bag Parsnips Refrigerator 2 weeks Plastic bag drawer Potatoes Dark pantry 1-2 months Paper bag Radishes Refrigerator 2 weeks Plastic bag shelf with dry paper towel Salad greens Refrigerator 10 days Large plastic drawer container Layer with dry paper towels Summer squash Refrigerator 5 days Plastic bag shelf Sweet potatoes Dark pantry 2 weeks Paper bag Winter squash Dark pantry 1 month Unwrapped Winter squash (halved) Refrigerator 2-3 weeks Wrap in foil drawer Meat, Fish, and Eggs WHERE Eggs Store in their original carton Meats/Poultry Keep in original package (use within 2 days) Wrap it in foil and freeze (more than 2 days) Fish Keep in a bag on top of a bowl of ice (Eat as soon as possible) OR Freeze OR Broil and store in fridge Bread and Cereal Products WHERE Bread Kitchen counter in tightly sealed bag or container (Storing in the refrigerator makes it spoil more quickly) Cereal Airtight container (after opening) Dairy products and cheese WHERE PREP Cheeses Wrap securely in wax paper (Allows it to breathe without letting in excess moisture or Refrigerator odors from your fridge) Milk Main part of the fridge Butter Refrigerator in original packaging Freezer in airtight container (up to 6 months) Hacks for Keeping Food Fresh Bananas Potatoes Greens Store with an apple to Restore crisp texture of wilted greens by soaking in ice water Cover the crown (where the stems meet) of a banana prevent sprouting bunch in plastic wrap Cottage cheese/Sour cream Lemons Tomatoes Make it last longer by placing the container upside down in the fridge If you only need a little lemon juice, puncture a hole Store stem side down on a flat surface to keep them through a lemon's skin with a skewer or fork and squeeze what you need fresh for up to a week Flour Eggs Muffins After you purchase flour from the store, freeze for Check freshness by placing Revive day-old muffins: • Sprinkle with water • Place in a paper bag • Put in a hot oven for egg in water: several days to kill weevils and insect eggs • Fresh eggs sink • Bad eggs float 5-10 minutes Cheeses Strawberries Rub butter on the cut parts of hard cheeses to prevent them from drying out Wash fresh strawberries, raspberries, and other berries in a diluted vinegar bath to elongate their shelf life by days or even weeks. Mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Conclusion Finding spoiled food in the back of the fridge is both gross and frustrating. With a few simple changes in the way you store your food, you can keep it fresh and help it last longer. Sources:;;; Brought to you by: FIX

Food Hacks to Keep Your Bounty Fresher for Longer

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