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Food aid receipt

U.S. FOOD AID Where your dollar only goes partway! TODAY'S PURCHASE 2.5 MILLION TONS FOOD AID' SAVED LIVES IN 48 COUNTRIES HELPED BUILD A MORE STABLE WORLD TOTAL .05% OF THE U.S. BUDGET ******** ************ 6 Price fact! CUTTING GOVERNMENT RED TAPE WOULD HELP US DELIVER MORE LIFESAVING FOOD AT THE SAME PRICE. **** HERE YOUR MONEY GOING? 47% SPENT ON FOOD 53% SPENT ON -SHIPPING OVERSEAS -MARKUP FOR SHIPPING REGULATIONS -MARKUP FOR PURCHASING FROM PREFERRED US GROWERS -OVERHEAD At least 75% of Special interest U.S. food aid must rules like this be shipped from the U.S. on preferred U.S. vessels.4 cost taxpayers more than $491 million per year . U.S. FOOD AID Make our dollars count! BUY FOOD AID LOCALLY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES More money Local farmers People need earn income > less aid for goes to actual food the long term FOOD AID TO ETHIOPIAS: For the same price we could buy... 2,200 TONS OF WHEAT SHIPPED FROM THE U.s. OR 5,400 TONS OF WHEAT PURCHASED LOCALLY IF WE REFORM COSTLY U.s. REGULATIONS: We can respond to crises up to 14 WEEKS FASTER And for the same price we can reach up to 17.1 MILLION MORE PEOPLE with lifesaving food aid. $ SOURCES AMERICAN 1 USAID (2011) 2010 International Food Assistance Report 2 Author's calculation based on The President's WORLD Budget for FY 2013 SERVICE 3 Data derived from USDA (2011) US Food Aid Tables, Table 1, and USAID (2011) 2010 International Food Assistance Report 4 Food Security Act of 1985 (PL 99-198) 5 GAO (2011) International Food Assistance: Local and Regional Procurement Can Enhance the Efficiency of US Food Aid, but Challenges May Constrain Its Implementation 6 E. Lentz, S. Passarelli, C. Barrett (2011) Oxfam The Timeliness and Cost-Effectiveness of the America Local and Regional Procurement of Food Aid 7 For source information, see the full report at %24 %24 %24 %24

Food aid receipt

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How to save 17 million lives? This infographic shows what taxpayers are getting for their food aid dollars.


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