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Fixated on Fernet

FIXATED "FERNET CRANCA MILANO Some Fundamentals about the Famous Elixir Fancied by Some San Franciscans 1845 Self-taught apothecary Other brands of Bernandino Branca created Fernet exist, but the the bitter known as Fernet, Fernet-Branca brand is the most popular. branded Fernet-Branca, which quickly gained popularity, leading to the founding of the Fratelli The logo, featuring an eagle poised over a globe, was designed in 1893 by Leopoldo Metlicovitz. Branca Distillerie in 1845. CAM FOR 000 FERNET-BRANCA RANCA Fernet-Branca contains a secret recipe that was passed down from generation to generation. Today, the only custodian of the Fernet-Branca formula is the president, Niccolò Branca, who personally measures out the aromatics during the production process. The recipe has a base of grape distilled spirits and caramel coloring, and contains anywhere from 20 to 40 different herbs and Fernet is in the Amaro family, but unlike most bitters, it contains no sugar. spices, including the following: Amaro means “bitter" in Italian. Aloe Red cinchona bark Bay leaves Rhubarb The Branca family essentially controls the market price of saffron, as they are accountable Cardamom Saffron Chamomile Sage for an estimated Cinnamon St. John's wort 75% Galangal Wormwood Typically contains Gentian root Zedoary of the world's saffron 40% Myrrh consumption. Process: alcohol by volume (80 proof) Peppermint oil Some of the raw materials are boiled to obtain infusions and extracts. Once all the herbs and spices are combined, the mixture is aged in wooden casks for 12 months. Quinine FERNET MIRACLE ELIXIR Fernet-Branca has claimed to have many medicinal qualities and was even available during American Prohibition because it was being used medicinally in hospitals. Aids digestion Usually consumed Cures night sweats after a meal or with coffee Hangover cure Relieves menstrual Anti-aging cramping FERNET Skin cleansing Anti-choleric Rumor: After the Drug A newspaper advertisement from 1865 described it as "A drink which had Regulation Reform Act of 1978 passed, it is claimed that the Feds forced Fernet-Branca to furthermore helped the venerable Doctor Fernet (and several members of his family) to live for over 100 years." modify the recipe in order to lower opiate levels to legal levels. Fernet-Branca. However, 2 Fernet-Branca asserts that the recipe has never changed. #1 Argentina is the #1 consumer of Fernet-Branca in the world. San Francisco drinks Buenos Aires is home to the only other Fernet-Branca distillery outside of Milan. 35% Argentina's production is ONLY shipped to South America. The US gets all its Fernet-Branca from the Milan distillery. of bottles shipped to the United States. Fernet-Branca originally came to America (and Argentina) via Italian immigrants. It gained popularity in San Francisco from the deep-rooted Italian-American community and a younger generation of bartenders who started enjoying it. НOW FERNET to Enjoy It's not you; According to an Argentinian it's me. bartender, it takes about 9 admirable tries for the unaccustomed palate to like the taste of Fernet-Branca. While you can always just sip on Fernet-Branca as an after-dinner digestif, here are some other tried and true ways to enjoy the bitter elixir. In Coffee Fernet & Coke Hanky Panky Fernet & Ginger ginger ale The original hangover cure. 12 oz. gin 12 oz. sweet vermouth Argentina's Served as a national drink. mixed drink or as a shot and chaser. 2 dashes Fernet-Branca

Fixated on Fernet

shared by kathleenmkowal on May 17
San Francisco is fixated on Fernet. Consuming 35% of the Fernet-Branca imported into the US, the drink is on everyone’s lips, whether you love it or you hate it. I decided to create an infographic t...



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