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Five Steps to Snap Delicious Photos of your Food

Restaurant Reservations Free · Instant · Confirmed OpenTable FIVE STEPS TO SNAP Delicious Photos OF YOUR FOOD! From the fine folks at OpenTable & Foodspotting. You're eating a five-star dinner! So why take a one-star photo. Let's face it, when you want to capture that perfectly prepared meal, snapping a quick photo can make the memory look pretty unappatizing. Here are 5 simple steps to take better photos of your food and help you spread the word on that fantastic dish! STEP #1 KILL THE FLASH! Adding flash to your photos is the worst thing you could do. It makes your meal look shiny and greasy, creates tons of shadows, and washes out your dinner's natural colors. And not to mention it's a major distraction for your fellow patrons. Turn off the flash and you're a major step closer to a great photo. Seriously, just say no to flash. Bonus Tip: At a dark restaurant? Grab the candles and bring them over to your dish. They should offer some nice "mood lighting" and no one will think it's weird! (No promises on that.) peas n o OH SO TASTY! White Tate Mac N Chees VEcnn rrt STEP #2 KEEP HER STEADY Make your shot count by removing excess jiggle in your photo. This can be tough after a couple glasses of wine, so we recommend you use a tripod. No, we don't think you should drag one in with you. Just stack your fists or perch your phone on your glass! That'll steady your shot and will also offer a perfect angle to your dish. The fail-proof fist tripod. Bonus Tip: Avoid the over-the-plate shot. While it captures everything on your plate, it doesn't look as appetizing (and what if you drop your phone!) Try to match the angle of your eyes or lower. 10 bam Thal LIP SMACKER! 10 Hem Tha STEP #3 GET SOME DEPTH! Add some depth to your meal and allow it to look really tasty by adding bokeh (the Japanese term for that awesome depth- of-field blur). Bokeh makes what's delicious BLURRY FOCUSEDO about your dish stand out - the viewer's eye will focus on the craggy goodness of your fried chicken rather than that boring salad Bokeh: Cool word. Tasty looks. behind it. Bonus Tip: Most phones let you focus on a specific spot, just tap the screen. Some apps even let you add blurring after the photo is taken! (Instagram and Snapseed are a couple of our favorites.) t ivod& ae o DELICIOSO! Ceke M nbrie C no e i STEP #4 GIVE IT SOME LIFE! Dining is more than just about the food-it's also about the experience! Having an amazing scoop of Bi-Rite ice cream? Snap a photo of your little one devouring it! People tend to think that they should snap a photo right when the waiter places our food down, but try to put together a great shot for those Get us the action shot! meals that deserve it! Bonus Tip: A great way to capture where you're at is to place the menu with the restaurant's name near your dish. Frame it just right and others will know where to go and what to order! Abcut Tho Dah SLURPTASTIC! Pork Ramen with Kimehi STEP #5 SHARE AWAY! Make your social network jealous of that sushi dish or write your mini-review for the newest taco truck. Share your photos and notes about your meal and you'll make the world a better place to eat. Spot GET TO SHARING! Photos by Foodspotting Members: Alysa Brown, Wine & Swine, Snap Krackle Pop, Jenn J, Eric Hwang, donv, mizleyley, and Charlie Olson Published under Creative Commons 2013

Five Steps to Snap Delicious Photos of your Food

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A simple guide to help you take great-looking pictures of your food! A design exercise for a social media campaign for OpenTable.




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