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From Farm to Family Dinner

From Farm to Family Dinner Hunt's Tomatoes are one of America's favorite tomatoes. Hunt's diced, stewed, & whole tomatoes: Are 100% natural Have no added colors That's pretty hard to beat. Have no artificial preservatives Are perfectly ripe & delicious Explore how Hunt's gets these gems from its farms to your family's dinner table. First, a little crash course on how much America loves its tomatoes. The average American consumes 85.5 pounds of tomatoes per year.* That means that roughly 26 billion pounds of tomatoes are consumed in America per year. *Data from 2008 Now, more about Hunt's Tomatoes. It all starts in sunny Oakdale, California, the perfect place to grow tomatoes. Perfect climate Perfect sun Perfect conditions California gives plants 8+ hours of sunlight a day, the ideal amount of sunlight for optimal sweetness. Fun Fact: California might have less tomato-loving bugs. Florida uses, on average, 8 times more pesticides on tomato plants than California. Hunt's takes great care of its tomatoes. Hunt's tomato plants are Planted carefully Tomatoes are Meticulously watered picked at the Dutifully tended to peak of freshness for 65 - 95 days & canned within hours of being off the vine. before tomatoes reach the perfect level of ripeness. Fun Fact: Produce tomatoes are commonly picked when green to maintain longer shelf life. Hunt's tomatoes are only picked when they are perfectly ripe. No green tomatoes here! How do they get from the farm to your family's dinner table? Perfectly ripe tomatoes are then peeled with FlashSteam®. FlashSteam® - a natural, proprietary process Hunt's uses to peel the tomato's skin by using steam from water, rather than chemicals, as is often used in the industry. The tomatoes are then canned with no artificial preservatives & shipped across the nation, and then eaten by hungry families. Sources: 100% NATURAL Hunts ©ConAgra Foods, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

From Farm to Family Dinner

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Explore how Hunt's gets their 100% natural tomatoes from it's farms to your dinner tables.






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