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An Extra Hand in the Kitchen

An Extra Hand in the Kitchen Guide to Using Your Food Processor THE BASIC COMPONENTS Full-Size Food Processor Components Motor • Housed in the base of appliance • Shaft extends upward from motor to power the attachments Bowl with lid » Fits on shaft and locks into position Usually made from durable, transparent plastic Lid locks onto the top of the bowl » The size of the bowl varies according to the size of the machine Full-size bowl: Capacity of 9-13 cups Compact-size bowl: Capacity of 5–7 cups Mini-size bowl: Capacity of 2-5 cups Feed tube » Attached to the lid Food is inserted through the tube and can be pushed down with fitted plunger Stem adaptor » Detachable • Helps hold each of the discs in place Storage case » Neatly stores attachment pieces SET OF ATTACHMENTS Standard Attachments S-shaped blade or Sabatier blade • Sits at bottom of the bowl • Two small, curved blades • Made of metal or hard plastic Shredding and slicing discs » Sit at the top of the bowl, over the shaft • Grate or slice food once it passes through feed tube Additional Attachments Dough blade • Straight paddles for beating dough • Used to make dough for bread and pizza Egg whip • Two straight arms with large open paddles at ends • Used to whip cream, beat egg whites 0000 0000 Julienne disc • Has a row of protruding, short, sharp teeth • Used to cut food into long, thin matchsticks French fry disc » Similar to the julienne disc • Used to cut food into large, fat pieces Citrus juicer • Dome-shaped attachment, fits on top of the shaft • Used to squeeze juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes WAYS TO USE A FOOD PROCESSOR Making crumbs: O-shaped blade • To turn graham crackers, dried bread, cookies, and other crackers into crumbs for toppings, crusts, and fillers Puréeing: •S-shaped blade • For soups, sauces, and other puréed liquids Slicing and chopping: o Slicing disk • For raw vegetables and hard fruits Grinding meat: •S-shaped blade For pulsing chunks of meat until coarsely ground Grains to flour: OS-shaped blade For grinding whole grains into flour Baby food: •S-shaped blade For processing large batches of cooked meats, Cheesecake: OS-shaped blade > For whipping the batter until sillky smooth vegetables, and fruits Salsas, pestos, dips, and spreads: •S-shaped blade For fine chopping and grinding Grating cheese: • Shredding disc For grating blocks of cheese Kneading dough: • Dough blade •Quickly combines dough ingredients Mixing cookies: •S-shaped blade • Good for mixing simple cookie recipes without a lot of butter and flour Homemade butter: Peanut butter: •S-shaped blade Process heavy cream into butter OS-shaped blade Takes 2-3minutes to process into peanut butter Pasta dough: Cole slaw: •S-shaped blade Quickly mix dough • Slicing disc Break down cabbage heads Papier-mâché pulp: OS-shaped blade •Quickly cut newspaper AVOID USING YOUR FOOD PROCESSOR FOR Mashed potatoes: Meat loaf: The starch creates a Meat becomes too gummy consistency pulverized, resulting in dense loaf Whipped cream: Avoid unless processor comes with a whipping attachment. Without it cream may become too stiff and can turn into butter Ground coffee: Crushed ice: Egg whites or meringue: Like whipped cream, it will become too stiff Will create a rough chop; the finer the grind, the stronger the brew Will dull your blade CLEANING TIME What You Need Mild dish soap Non-abrasive scrub brush or soft cloth Warm water Long, narrow Vinegar Dry dish towels cleaning brush Instructions Step 1: Remove food processor bowl from motor base; separate all components. Step 2: Submerge all parts [except the motor base] into a sink full of warm, soapy water. Wash with a soft cloth or soft scrub brush. Step 3: Look over the small tight spaces of the food processor, especially the inside of the blade and the handle. Step 4: Using a small brush, scrub the inside of the blade, inside the handle and any other nooks. Try using white vinegar to help remove tough messes. Step 5: Rinse all parts with water; allow to dry With its versatility and collection of attachments, a food processor is an essential addition to any kitchen. • • • • O • • Brought to you by: In partnership with: CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co.

An Extra Hand in the Kitchen

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