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Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

EVOLUTION OF KITCHEN APPLIANCES FIRE POT First Used: 10000 or more years ago Origin: NA Use: For Basic cooking RICE COOKER First Used: 1250 BC Origin: Japan Use: To cook rice FOOD STEAMER First Used: 2000 BC Origin: China Use: To steam rice RUSSIAN OVEN First Used: 1500 Origin: Russia Use: To bake pancakes or pies BEEHIVE OVEN First Used: 1700 Origin: Europe Use: To bake Bread STOVE First Used: 1735 Origin: France Use: Multipurpose DEEP FRYER First Used: 1790 Origin: NA Use: For producing deep-fried snack foods SOUS VIDE First Used: 1799 Origin: America and France Use: Multipurpose 71113 BARBECUE First Used: 1800 Origin: Florida Use: To cook Meat TOSTER First Used: 1893 Origin: Scotland Use: To bake Bread PRESSURE COOKER First Used: 1864 Origin: Germany Use: Multipurpose POPCORN MAKER First Used: 1885 Origin: Ohio Use: To cook Popcorn ELECTRIC OVEN First Used: 1892 Origin: America Use: Multipurpose CORN ROASTER First Used: 1900 Origin: America Use: To roast Corn ELECTRIC STOVE First Used: 1905 Origin: Australia Use: Multipurpose BACHELOR GRILLER First Used: 1935 Origin: London Use: Multipurpose MICROWAVE OVEN First Used: 1946 Origin: America Use: Multipurpose REMOSKA First Used: 1957 Origin: Czech Republic Use: Multipurpose CONVECTION OVEN First Used: 1967 Origin: America Use: For Baking CHORKOR OVEN First Used: 1970 Origin: Ghana Use: For Fish smoking References:!/d/d-id/1025890? of cooking appliances Brought to you by GlobePackaging Please refrain from copying any part of the info graph/content or the blog without our prior permission or without proper mention of our company name. Incase the content is copied without proper attribution, this will be considered as copyright infringement.

Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

shared by gplondon on Mar 23
Kitchen appliances were introduced to make life easy when preparing food. Since the mid-1800s, people have been thinking of latest and ground-breaking ways to store and cook food. This infographic, ...



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