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The Evolution of Energy Beverages

THE EVOLUTION OF ENERGY BEVERAGES WHAT IS THE HISTORY BEHIND THIS FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGE CATEGORY AND WHERE IS IT HEADED? COCA-COLA 'ENERGY BOOSTER': nergy beverages, projected to grow to an estimated $21.5 billion dollar category by BIRED DRINK THEN 1904 oca-Cola Ceca Gota IT RELIEVES EXHAUSTION When the BRAIN i unning der full pressse send down to the POUNTAIN fora glas ct Coca-Cola Coca-Cola was originally marketed as an energy booster; its name was derived from its two active you wi be murpriced how quickly it will ease the Tired anin-oothe the Raa erve and restore Wated Energy to both Mind and Body. Iemables the estire syuten to redily cope with the strain of any eressive demnds made upon it. 2017, show a meteoric rise in popularity with consumers. However, the history behind this functional beverage category begins quite a bit earlier. Take a look at the AT ALL FOUNTAINS ALSO IN BOTTLES C. ingredients, both known stimulants: Coca leaves and kola nuts (a source of caffeine). FIRST 'ENERGY DRINK': Lucozade evolution of the energy Lucozade) the sparkling GLUCOSE drink 1927 replaces lost energy Originally used in hospitals beverage market. as a much-needed source of energy for people who were sick and needed replenishment, Lucozade was the first "energy drink". LUCOZA INVALLABLE N SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH FIRST ENERGY BOOSTER: L A RICH IN VITAMINS! Dr. Enuf was developed in 1949 by Chicago ENIF IS BOUGH 1949 businessman SINCE 1949 ENERGY DRINKS IN THE EAST: Bill Swartz. This “energy booster" drink contained B vitamins, caffeine and cane sugar-ingredients used in many of today's In Japan, the energy TASHO drink dates at POVITA ASTIG XL150 THE ORIGINAL ENERGY BOOSTER energy drinks. 1960s least as far back Extra Energy LUIPOVITAN LIPOVITA as the early 1960s, ang Extra Energy ORIG GETS YOU GOING! with the release of GETS YOu GOING ASHO PAHM COUD IURVU. JAPN EHO THAPM Lipovitan. Bacchus-F, a South Korean drink closely modeled after Lipovitan, also appeared in the early 1960s, and targets a similar demographic. ENERGY DRINK COLA: “Jolt Cola" hits American shelves in 1985, marketed as a cola with high-caffeine and high-sugar contents. Jolt Cola's original(1985 marketing strategy targeted students and busy professionals. FIRST U.S. 'ENERGY DRINK': Cola In 1995, PepsiCo launched Josta, the first energy drink introduced by a major U.S. 1995 beverage company, but Pepsi discontinued the product in 1999. OSTA OSTA RED BULL COMES TO AMERICA: with GUARA TuTERAE Red Bull Energy Drink hit America's shelves in 1997, launching energy drinks as a beverage category. Since the introduction of Red Bull, energy drink 250 1997 ed Bull COMPETITORS ENTER THE SPACE: ENERGDRIN sales have soared. kn Virilio lo sorps a le The start of a new millennium brought hundreds of energy drink brands to the shelves. 2002 4URINEINSEN CITRUS FLAVO9 ful Throttle ORIGINAL ENERGY SHOTS: OCKSTA ENERGY DRINK AS ANE 5-Hour Energy was created in 2004 by Manoj Bhargava, leading to an explosion of energy shots in the energy drink industry. ЯR MONSTER ENERGY Grape 5-hour 5-hour NERGY ENERGY 2004 EREORIMANCE ELMERGY DRINK 500mte 16 FL OZ 1FT al ours of anergy no crash later ours af ary no gar free No crash late ly d calories Sugar free Only 4 calories mintes- Lasts l Las oro DES K DETAR ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVES: In contrast to mainstream energy drink brands, 2008- all-natural alternatives-focusing on organic and/or Present all natural ingredients begin to enter the market. HYBRID ENERGY DRINKS: organic aniores Infusing more energizing ingredients into beverages 2013 like sodas, juices, teas and enhanced water provide GUAYAKI Sa Jelce Catteies steaz ERBA MATE Frevel Berry Ocean Spray CRAN ENERGY SPARKLING ICED GREEN TEA solixir. all natural functional drink think ENERGIZING ORANGE CITRUS consumers with a breadth of CITRUS NO SUGAR ADDED KÍCK 12FL OZ 1355m) options beyond typical brands. Cranberry 84H. OZ 245 L) Today HYDRIVE ENERGY WATER Combining the refreshing aspects of enhanced water with the energizing properties of an energy drink. HYDRIVE Energy Water contains the same amount of caffeine as leading energy drink along with a light, refreshing taste with only 30 calories per bottle. In addition, each bottle of HYDRIVE Energy Water offers performance- enhancing vitamins and nutrients, making it a smarter energy choice. HYORIVE ORIVEHYORIVIHYORIHYORIVE ORIVE YORIVE ORIVE ENERGY WATER ENERGY WATER ENERGY WATEFENERGY WATE ENERGY WATENERGY WATER RGY WATER IERGY WATER GRAPE LEMON LIME RUSH WI STRAWBERRY CITRUS BURST BLACK CHERR BLUE RASPBERRY PLE BERRY CAFFEINE | 30 CAIORES CATF ENE CALOES RECOVERY CAFFE INE 30 CALORIES CAFFEINE 30 CALORIES HIHR MUW. HAORI CAFFEINE 30 CALOR ACTIVE CAFFEINE | 30 CALORIES FEINE 30 CALORIES FOCUS VITAMIN EXTRA POWE UTIOXIDANT' PORMLA EXTRA POWER FORMLLA FORMULA POFMUA KICKSTART SON

The Evolution of Energy Beverages

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Infographic illustrating the timeline and/or evolution of energy beverages


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