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Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Sausages

Everything you didn't want to know about SAUSAGES "INGREDIENTS" WHAT ARE SAUSAGE MADE OF? 32-42% 25% THE REST PROCESSED LEFT OVERS FROM ALL PARTS OF A PIG INCLUDING ESTIMATED PERCENT OF SAUSAGE IS GENERALLY PORK MEAT. FAT & ONE FULL GRAM OF SALT. ORGANS "HEAD MEAT" (ear, snout, cheek etc.) BLOOD GUTS TYPES OF CASINGS CLOSEUPS FIBROUS SAUSAGE CASINGS OF YOUR FAVORITE LINKS They are cellulose impregnated paper and can be used or summer sausage, salami and boneless ham,but is not digestible. COLLAGEN SAUSAGE CASINGS OSCAR MEYER GROUND WEINERS They are arranged fibers of edible protein and are made from cattle hide which is May mechanically removed from the epidemical and flesh layers. Smokies NATURAL SAUSAGE CASINGS Made of later of loose connective tissue beneath the mucous membrane, which is part of the intestines, creates a casing that allows from a jucier fresh apprearance. JIMMY DEANN ORIGINAL SAUSAGE OSCAR MEYER SALAMI JimnyDean Salami The Populan BLOOD SAUSAGE Also known as “Blood Pudding" and not common in the United States, blood ingredients sausages are a delicacy and are popular in may parts of the world including: 2 feet of sausage casings • 3/4 cup finely chopped onions • 1/4 cup bread crumbs • 2 beaten eggs • 1/4 teaspoom black pepper 1/8 teaspoom fresh thyme 1 teaspoom salt • 2 cups fresh pork blood Spain France Argentina U.K. PROCESSED MEAT AND HEALTH RISKS In contrast to processed meats, research from Harvard School What can a daily serving of an average of 50 grams (1.8 oz) of processed meat mean for your health? of Public Health shows that there is not a higher risk or diabetes among indivi- duals who eats unprocessed red meat, such as beef, heart disease 42% | 19% 4x more sodium increase risk higher risk 50% more nitrate of heart disease TYPE 2 Diabetes pork or lamb. By eating processed meat such as bacon, sausage or processed deli meats Percent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes when process meat is eaten by an individual. What process meat contains compared to unprocessed meat. Footnote: Findings by the Harvard School of Public Health. TOP DINNER SAUSAGE CONSUMING CITIES IN AMERICA BY VOLUME 5. Baltimore / WashingtonD.C. 1. Los Angeles 2.) New York 3. San Antonio/ Corpus Christi 4.) Houston Footnote: Based on total retail sales, excluding Wal-Mart, for the 2009 calendar year. 6. Chicago 9. Philadelphia 7. Dallas / Fort Worth 8. San Francisco / Oakland

Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Sausages

shared by Caitlin on Apr 17
Most people would rather not know "how the sausage is made." But just in case you're curious about the contents of kielbasa, this infographic lays them out in unsavory detail. Between the salt, the fa...


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