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The Espresso Journey

The Espresso Journey A look at espresso's origins, consumption and machine evolution. What Is Espresso? Espresso is a concentrated beverage that is brewed by forcing steam or water through finely ground coffee beans. Steam or Water or ................ Pressure " Coffee Grounds Where Does It Come From? Take a quick look at the steps of how the bean gets to the machine Planting 1. The Bean Harvesting Processing Drying Milling Export Processing 3. Blending Roasting Grinding Capsule 4. 5. Cup The Origin of Espresso Machines. Angelo Moriondo 1884 Angelo Moriondo was granted a patent in 1884 for his steam machine for making coffee in Turin, Italy. Turin Luigi Bezzera Early 20th Céntury Luigi Bezzera leveraged Angelo's patent to design a single-shot espresso while introducing the portafilter and multiple brewheads. Desiderio Pawoni 1903 Desiderio Pavoni purchased and improved on Luigi Bezzera's patent by adding a pressure release valve. This expedited the brewing process and increased the popularity of the machine in coffee shops everywhere. Popularity Statistic: These machines could make up to 1,000 cups of espresso per hour, increasing its popularity! equals 10 cups Larger Audience With a faster brewing process, the consumer espresso audience grew worldwide. The he ővolving Machine Before they arrived at your home and/or office, take a look at the different mechanics of retail espresso machines and how they have evolved. Steam-driven 1884 A steam-driven espresso machine forces water through the coffee by using steam pressure. Piston-driven 1945 These machines were developed by Achille Gaggia and use a pumping lever that sends pressurized hot water through the grinds. Pump-driven ------..------------------- ...---------- 1961 A motor-driven pump replaces the need for the manual force of a pumping lever for espresso brewing. Air-driven ................*******" These air-driven espresso machines use compressed air to send hot water through the grinds. 2005 Stat: Roughly 70% of what we Z0% sense when drinking espresso is aroma The Next Step In вyprемко Evolution Nespresso Machines today produce high-quality espresso within seconds providing a cafe experience in the comfort of your home. Espresso in Seconds Other espresso machines can brew a shot of espresso in 25-30 seconds. Because of uncompromising standards, Nespresso machines produce a faster brewing process of 10 seconds. .... 30 seconds 10 seconds for 25-30 seconds for Nespresso's machines. other espresso machines. With Nespresso, you'll discover a higher level of coffee enjoyment. Sources: NESPRESSO. www.NESPRESSO-US.COM

The Espresso Journey

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A look at espresso's origins, consumption and machine evolution.




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