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Entomophagy or Eggs?

BUGGINGOUT ABOUT PROTEIN 70 KG 70 G/ DAY YOU'RE MADE GRAMS OF PROTEIN. FOR KILOS. Your muscles, organs and immune system are made up of protein. Protein helps build, maintain and replace the tissues in your body. A healthy diet means eating protein every day. As a rough guide you should consume one gram of protein for every kilo you weigh. Bugs on Eggs C There are many foods rich in protein, including bugs. Eating insects, or Entomophagy is popular in many countries. So just how much protein can you get from an insect? DEEP FRIED GIANT WATER BUGS GRASSHOPPERS From Thailand 100g has 199 of protein. Popular in Mexico Eat 100 for 149 of protein. RED ANTS SCORPIONS Eat 100g of these crawling critters for 13.99 Providing you can catch and cook one without getting stung, these nasty little creepers can give you a nice little protein shot. Don't eat the tail though, it's full of venom. OR Egg Have an GOOD. BETTER. EGGS. The protein from eggs is considered the highest quality protein of all foods. And they're tastier than deep fried insects. There is around 12.79 of protein in a serve of 2 eggs*. *Based on 700g pack. START THE DAY FEEL FULLER STRONG. LONGER. It's best to eat your protein in the morning to get the benefits all day. So cook up an omelette or chomp on a caterpillar for brekkie. Whether insects or eggs, protein rich foods cam help you feel full for longer and stop carb cravings throughout the day. THE PRO TEIN WINDOW. PACKED WITH PROTEIN. Consuming protein immediately before and after a workout builds more muscle than consuming protein at any other time. Need more protein? There are lots of tasty ways to squeeze in a few more grams, without crunching bugs. Add eggs to your brekkie today with a recipe from Sunny Queen. CHECK OUT SUNNY QUEEN'S WEBSITE FOR HEAPS OF TASTY RECIPES (NO INSECTS INCLUDED) www.SUNNYQUEEN.COM.AU Sunny Queen Farms For references go to

Entomophagy or Eggs?

shared by fitzps24 on Jul 16
In many countries, Entomophagy, or eating insects is popular. They’re relatively cheap and a great way to get protein in your diet. We had a look at some of the most popular insect dishes from ar...


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