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Eggs Are Awesome

EGGS ARE AWESOME! MORE EGG FACTS THAN YOU NEED TO KNOW! LIKE. WAY MORE 1840 GLOBAL EGG CONSUMPTION is expected to reach more than 1.15 TRILLION EGGS by 2015. That many eggs could circle the earth more than 1,640 times and weigh around 57 billion kg. That's the equivalent by weight of chickens laying more than 15 billion human babies! YEP, 15 BILLIDN. THAT MANY EGGS WOULD WEIGH 57 BILLION KG HENS GENERALLY LaY MORE THAN 20 DOZEN EGGS A YɛAR. OH YOU FANCY, HUH? The 1913 Fabergé Winter Egg sold at an auction in 2002 for 9.6 MILLION DOLLARS It was originally commissioned by Tzar Nicolas II as an Easter gift for his mother. It is unknown if he hid it in the yard and made her look for it. Shell Color Yolk Color Shell color depends on the breed of the chicken. White Leghorns produce the white-shelled eggs most common in the US, and Rhode Island Reds lay the brown eggs found in grocery Many chicken farms feed their hens diets rich in bright yellow foods specifically designed to produce bright, pretty yolks (more thought went into making your breakfast than you thoughtl). stores. However, other breeds of chickens produce blue, cream, greenish, and even speckled eggs. The cloudiness of the egg white, on the other hand, comes from carbon dioxide trapped in the white. A CLOUDY EGG WHITE IS A SIGN OF A FRESHER EGG, as the CO2 escapes through the shell pores as the egg ages. LARGEST BIRD EGG |-- 13 inches long IN THE WORLD 3 feet around The largest bird egg in the world was laid by THE ELEPHANT BIRD OF MADAGASCAR, which was hunted to extinction the 1600's. These eggs are 13 inches long and more than 3 feet around, about 180 times the size of a chicken egg. It's 18,000 times the size of the world's smallest bird egg, that of the Bee Hummingbird. Science has yet to examine the important question: is it better to have one omelet the size of a small table top or 18,000 itty bitty omelets? THE FRESHNESS OF AN EGG Can be tested by putting it in a glass of salty water. THE MORE BUOYANT THE EGG, THE OLDER IT IS. Explaining this, however, will not make your friends stop making fun of your glass of egg and salt water. (just tell them you're waiting for the dolphin to hatch) HTTP://DIDYOUKNOW.ORG EGGS HTTP:Www.PRWEB.COM/RELEASES/EGGS CONVENTIONAL CAGE FREE RANGE EGGS/PRWEB3547074.HTM HTTP://BLOGS.DISCOVERMAGAZINE.COM/DISCOBLOG/2010/12/20/ELEPHANT-BIRDS-TASTY-GIANT-EGGS-WERE-MOST-LIKELY-ITS-DOWNFALL HTTP/EN.WIKIPEDIA. ORG WIKI CHICKEN EGG SIZES HTTP:/www.INCREDIBLEEGG.ORG/EGG-FACTS/TRIVIA INTERESTING-ODDS-AND-ENDS HTTP:/EN. WIKIPEDIA. ORG/WIKIEGG IBIOLOGY) HTTP://www.WORLDPOULTRY.NET PUBLIC/GLOBALN20EGGN20TABLEN201-312). PDF HTTP:/www.LIVESCIENCE.COM/10043-DOZEN-EXTRAORDINARY-EGG-FACTS.HTML SOURCES HTTP/www.EGGLANDSBEST.COM/EGGLANDS-EGGS/FAQEGG FACTS.ASPX HTTP:/www.WISEBREAD.COM/10-FANTASTIC.FACTS-ABOUT-EGGS HTTP//EN.WIKIPEDIA. ORG/WIKI/WINTER IFABERGNsC3%A9_EGG) CIRCLES VERSUS

Eggs Are Awesome

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Get ready to blow your mind with facts from eggs, you are about to learn some very interesting info about eggs. These facts have been taken from many different sites from around the web and put togeth...


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