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EGGING US ON HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS? BOILED or FRIED? SOFT BOILED HARD BOILED OVER EASY SUNNY SIDE UP An egg cooked in boiling water with the shell intoct. Soft-boiled eggs are cooked only to the point at which the whites are set but the yolk is still liquid. An egg cooked in boiling water with the shell intact. Hard boiled eggs are cooked through until both the whites and yolk have completely set. A fried egg that is flipped and cooked yolk side down only long enough to create a film over the top of the yolk, leaving the center of the yolk liquid. A fried egg that is never flipped or cooked yolk side down. The whites cook until completely or partially set while the yolk remains liquid. OVER BOILED POACHED OVER HARD SCRAMBLED No, thank you. Eggs that have been removed from their shell and then cooked A fried egg that is flipped and cooked Raw egg whites and yolks are beaten together and ther beaten egg mixture is gently agitated as it sets to creote a curdled texture. liquid. The ooked in a skillet. The yolk sider pletely cooked through. the yolk hos com- cooking liquid can be water, broth, or any sauce. Poaching in water is often used as a way to cook eggs without having to use extra fat. Poaching in broth or sauce odds flavor to the cooked egg. QUICK Since birds and eggs preceded man in the evolutionary chain, they've existed longer than historians. East Indian history indicotes that wild fowl were domesti- cated os early as 3200 B.C. Egyption ond Chinese records show that fowl were laying eggs for man in 1400 B.C. Europe hos hod domesticated hens since, 600 B.C. There is some evidence of native fowl in the HISTORY Americas prior to Columbus' arrival. However, it is believed that, on his second trip in 1493, Columbus' ships corried to the New World the first of the chickens reloted to those now LESSON in egg production. These strains originated in Asia. Most laying hens in the U.S. are Single-Comb White Leghorns. EACH YEAR, 15 oz.* PEE WEE of the eggs produced, they are used.. NUTRITION Chicken egg whole, hard-boiled Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz) 31% to be turned into egg products which are used mostly by foodservice operators to make the meals we eat in restaurants and by food manufacturers to make foods like mayonnaise Energy Carbohydrates 647 kJ (155 kcal) L12 g 10.6 g and cakes mixes. Fat SMALL Protein - Tryptophan 12.6 9 0.153 g - Threonine 0.604 g 0.686 g 1075 g - Isoleucine 9% by the foodservice industry - Leucine - Lysine - Methionine - Cystine - Phenylalanine - Tyrosine - Valine - Arginine - Histidine - Alanine - Aspartic ocid - Glutamic acid - Glycine - Proline - Serine 0.904 g 0.392 g 0.292 g 0.668 9 0.513 g 0.767 g 0.755 9 60% by consumers 21 02* MEDIUM 0.298 g 0.700 g 1.264 g DID Using highly sophisticated technology, egg producers have kept prices low. While other food costs have skyrocketed, eggs continue to be one of nature's best bargains among high-quality protein foods. YOU 1.644 g 0.423 g 0.501 g KNOW 0.936 g 75 g 149 ug (19%) 0.066 mg (6%) 0.5 mg (42%) 14 mg (28%) 44 ug (11%) 1.11 ug (46%) 294 mg (60%) 87 IU (15%) 103 mg (7%) 50 mg (5%) 1.2 mg (9%) 10 mg (3%) 172 mg (25%) 126 mg (3%) 1.0 mg (11%) Water LARGE Vitamin A equiv. Thiamine (vit. BI) Riboflovin (vit. B2) Pantothenic acid (B5) Folate (vit. B9) Vitamin B12 PRICE over the last ten years. Choline LOW May 2003 (S1.009) HIGH April 2008 (S2.203) CURRENT March 2013 (S1.925) Vitamin D Vitamin E 27 oz.* Calcium EXTRA LARGE Iron Magnesium Phosphorus $2 Potassium Zinc Cholesterol 424 mg For edible portion onlu. Refuse: 12% (shel). $1.5 30 az. One large egg is 50 grams. JUMBO Percentoges are relotive to US recommendations for adults. SI Source: USDA Nutrient Databose 01/03 01/04 01/05 01/06 01/07 01/08 01/09 01/10 01/11 01/12 01/13 *minimum wieght per dozen MONTH REFERENCES PRICE

Egging Us On

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Eggs! How to order them at a restaurant or cook them at home, nutritional value, their different sizes, their consumption, and the price of eggs over the last ten years.


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