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Eating Healthy on a Budget

TroceryCoupon Networ k EATING HEALTHY BUDGET PLANNING MENUS ON A BUDGET IS CHALLENGING WORK. PLANNING HEALTHY MENUS ON A BUDGET IS EVEN MORE CHALLENGING. HEEPING BOTH NUTRITION AND YOUR OR IS IT? WALLET AS EQUAL PRIORITIES IS EASIER THAN YOU MIGHT THINH. LET'S VISIT A VARIETY OF BASIC FOOD GROUPS TO PLAN YOUR SMART -- AND HEALTHY -- KITCHEN. PRODUCE DAIRY EGGS MEATS BREADS & GRAINS YES, YOU CAN GET ORGANIC PRODUCE oN A BUDGET! First things first: Buy in season for the best deals Join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group to get boxes of fresh-grown produce at a fraction of what you'd pay at the store. (and best taste!). Bonus Kids tend to love the idea of a CSA connection, and will of ten gobble up veggies from "their farm." IF CHOOSING STRAIGHT FROM THE GROCER, ORGANIC CAN COST A LITTLE MORE. IŠ IT WORTH THE EXTRA CASH? MAYBE NOT. Wish to try your luck on regular produce? FROZEN Select items with uniform color, check for mold (especially on berries), test for firmness, and no brown spots! *Another option, just as healthy: FROZEN UEGGIES & FRUITS ÁRE A GREAT BARGAIN! There's always the option to grow some of your own produce. Research what works in your area, and how you can bring it to your backyard. Home-grown herbs are an easy way to start and can add much value to your cooking repertoire. MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS CAN MAKE UP A BIG PORTION OF THE FAMILY FOOD BUDGET. First things first: Always buy the largest size available Organic dairy can be a lot more expensive look for store-brand generic organics, which tend to cost less, It will be the best deal, You can portion it yourself (slice, shred, divide, etc.). Is organic milk worth it? 40° If milk is reduced to sell, check the stamped date. Milk stored at 40 degrees is safe for a full week after the expiration. Depends on your priorities, Milk certified "organic" means cows spending more time on pasture. That means more Omega-3s in the milk, due to increased grass vs. corn consumption. You'll still get a great dose of calcium from non-organic milk. CONSIDER MILK ALTERNATIVES such as soy, for lactose issues. And keep in mind the store-brand generics here, as well. EGGS CAN GET A BAD RAP FOR FAT AND CHOLESTEROL LEVELS, BUT THEY ARE ALSO AN ECONOMICAL AND VERSATILE MEAL INGREDIENT. 89 A whole egg has only 80 calories. You can eat several and still be well Should you eat only the whites? Nah-eat the whole thing. under average calorie count for a regular meal. Dietary cholesterol does not significantly raise overall bodily cholesterol. IN FACT, A HARVARD STUDY SHOWED CONSUMPTION OF THREE EGGS DAILY ACTUALLY IMPROVED HDL, THE "GOOD" CHOLESTEROL. vs. Organic eggs aren't any more nutritious than non-organic, technically, but they are humanely produced by chickens not fed chemicals. Brown vs. white? No difference nutritionally. The color of the egg is dependent on the breed of the chicken who laid it. Buy whatever's cheapest. MEAT-EXPENSIUE? YES, BUT HERE'S HOW TO BE SMART AND HEALTHY. You can also find an organic farm or fishery near you to purchase local grass-fed meat/fish directly. and save tons. As with dairy-go ahead and buy bigger portions. Your butcher can cut up for you. You'll most likely be contributing to animal welfare by making this choice as well. A whole organic chicken can cost less than two chicken breasts! Can't eat all that poultry? Get creative, Shred it for sandwiches? Much cheaper than buying sliced deli meat. BBOO Tired of beef and Like BBQ? Roast chicken? Pork freezes well, and can there- fore be bought in cheaper bulk amounts, away for later. The marinade helps meat freeze bet- Try freezing barbecued meat in cupcake liners. Transfer to Ziploc bag when frozen. Take out a serving and heat up whenever needed. ter-keeps it juicy. STRETCH ALL YOUR MEATS WITH LEGUMES. MAKE CHILI WITH BEANS, TACO FILLING WITH LENTILS, ETC. YOU’LL GET LOTS OF PROTEIN AND TA STE. BREADS AND GRAINS ARE A VERY ECONOMICAL PART OF AN OVERALL DIET, BUT IT'S EASY TO OVERDO. Try to make the majority of your grain-based diet composed of whole grains. Want to try making your own bread? It's not as hard as you might think Now, that said: Did we mention bread and grains are fairly cheap? Don't worry about using them to add on to your already You can also branch out into other baked items such as pizza crust, snacks, etc. balanced diet. "GLUTEN-FREE" IS A CATCHPHRASE THESE DAYS, BUT DO YOU REALLY NEED (PREMIUM-LY PRICED) GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS? Up to one quarter of people think they need gluten-free products, But only one in 100 is diagnosed with Consider this when shopping for baked goods and grains. celiac disease TroceryCoupon A Network

Eating Healthy on a Budget

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You know we love finding you the best food coupons and we’re always looking for new ways to save. Check out this graphic to see 30+ ways to save on organic fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy, brea...


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