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Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Eat, Drink, BE MERRY The holidays are here, and with them come the familiar guilty feeling from having indulged in the culinary goodness brought by the season. In this infographic, we take a look at ways to stay trim while still enjoying the delightful food that comes around only once a year. Establish Your Goals Dieting is like a budget: plan to spend some of those calories on the things you love, but don't forget about your goals! Set boundaries to make your holiday diet easier to stick with! Don't have dessert for the sake of having dessert. Save desserts for times that are really worth it. People who skip meals in order to save DON'T SKIP MEALS! calories are more likely to end up overeating. Be reasonable with your expectations. It is a time for celebration, after all! Stay Active STICK WITH YOUR NORMAL WORKOUT PLAN This will help you stay regimented, while burning calories in-between parties. It will also ensure that you don't have to struggle to pick up your workout routine after the holidays are over. Piek Your Sweets Carefully The holidays are a time for celebration, and the food is exquisite. Allow yourself to enjoy the treats that you love – while limiting yourself. Avoid things like nuts, cheese, cream sauces, and butter. CALORIES ADD-UP Trim calories whenever you can so you don't overeat. You Can Do It! STICKING TO A DIET DURING NO ONE IS PERFECT THE HOLIDAYS IS HARD If you don't allow yourself to savor the Keeping your goals in mind make the holiday goodness, your willpower might sacrifices easier to make. snap. Think of those delicious treats as an exercise in self-preservation. ARRIVING TO THE PARTY Holiday parties are something you look forward to every year. The opportunity to share great food with family and friends is a tradition to enjoy. Here are a few ways to ensure that your diet stays intact through the celebrations. NEVER ARRIVE HUNGRY TO A PARTY Eat before arriving to the party. It will prevent you from overeating if you don't feel famished. Make sure to drink lots of water. THINK SMALL Have small tastes of a variety of foods versus a full helping. PACE YOURSELF, THERE'S LOTS OF FOOD AVAILABLE Keep a steady pace to your culinary enjoyment versus having big meals. ALTERNATE ALCOHOLIC DRINKS WITH NONALCOHOLIC DRINKS Alcoholic drinks, like eggnog, are loaded with calories. Alternate these holiday favorites with water and it will cut your calories in half. WALK IT OFF Establish a post-dinner family walk around the neighborhood. ENJOY YOURSELF! The holidays are a time for enjoying yourself. Family gatherings are great places to pass on germs, so don't forget to wash your hands! PHYSICIANONE URGENT CARE

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

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You can have you cake and eat it too this holiday season! Check out helpful tips for staying on track throughout this holiday season.


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