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Drinking Habits around the World 2: The Way We Toast

AROUND THE WAY WE TOAST ANY PLACE WHERE ALCOHOL IS SERVED, THERE WOULD SURELY BE A WORD OR T WO UTTERED BEFORE DRINKING. SO, READ ON AND KNOW WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF DRINKING IN ANOTHER PART OF THE WORLD. ITALY US Cheers! Salute! (To your health!) Cin-cin! (Onomatopoeic for clinking of glasses) ISRAEL The guest of honor is toasted and should L'chaim! (To Lifel) The host gives the first toast. An honored guest should return the toast reciprocate by giving a toast of thanks. Toasts are only made at formal occasions or sometimes when a contract is signed.It is acceptable to just touch the glass to your lips if you don't wish to swallow the contents. Bar staples: nuts and pretzels later in the meal. Women may offer a toast. Bar staples: Cicchetti, biscuits, bread croutons Bar staple: Salat Hatzilim, Pita with Hummus, Kibbeh EL SALVADOR Salud! (For health!) Buen provecho! (Enjoy your food!) SWEDEN You should always offer your own toast and should say something to the effect that you are pleased to be in El Salvador after hearing so much about it. Then commend the people for treating you in such a family-like manner. Skål! (Literally means "bowl" which refers to older drinking vessels.) Gutår (Good year!) POLAND Na zdrowie! (To your health!) Maintain direct eye om the moment the glass is raised to the Expect frequent toasting throughout the meal. The host offers the first toast. Do not begin drinking until your host has proposed a toast to everyone at the table. Bar staple: Pupusa, Chicharrón, Ceviche de Camarones moment it is placed back down on the table. If many people are being toasted, make eye contact with each individual as you make the toast. Do not Bar staple: Kielbasa, Pierogi, Pyzy begin eating until the host has proceeded to do so. Bar staple: Surströmming sandwich BRAZIL Saúde! (To your health!) If someone offers you a "Caipirinha" (the Brazilian national drink) say YES! CHINA PHILIPPINES However, be careful and make sure you have food in your stomach, because, despite being sweet, they're really strong. So, take it slow and enjoy it. Gan bei (Bottoms up!) Mabuhay! (Long live!) More of a cheer than a --------- Kai pay (Drain your glass!) toast, this expression is traditionally used to applaud someone's heroism, an athlete's victory or a couple's recent marriage. It has been used recently in airports and touristy places as a greeting to visitors. Locals rarely, if ever, use this to each other, The host will make the first toast. If it is to you, then you should respond with a toast to your host. Toasting will continue throughout the meal. Touching the other person's glass below the rim is a sign of respect. After the first toast and touching of the glasses, glasses are tapped on the table for the following toasts. Typical toasts are "gan bei" (bottoms up) and "kai pay" (drain your glass). Bar staple: Coxinha, Empadas, Pastéis especially not on an informal occasion as a drinking session. IRELAND Sláinte! (Health!) Bar staple: Chicharon, Sisig, Spicy Gambas, Sizzling Garlic Mushrooms When people head to the pubs, the men will ypically drink "pints" and the ladies will have a "glass If you're out with friends, you'll buy in *rounds" (the practice of taking turns buying a drink for everyone in your group) or else you'll be seen to be "mean" (cheap). Bar staple: Spring Rolls, Baozi, Gao Bar staples: Fish and Chips learn2 serve WORLD ONI DRINKING HAB

Drinking Habits around the World 2: The Way We Toast

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The most awaited Drinking Habits around the World 2 is here! Learn how people around the world make a toast. This will be a big help whenever you travel outside your country. Are your country is on th...




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