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Don’t Wine About It: How Long Wine Lasts

DON'T WINE ABOUT IT HOW LONG WINE LASTS HOW LONG DO YOUR FAVORITE WINES KEEP? *Unopened timeframe does not include fine wines = Day = Week = Year SPARKLING WINE OPENED 1-3 days in the fridge with a sparkling wine stopper UNOPENED E12 3 years Traditional method sparkling wines last longer than tank method sparkling wines as they have more bubbles Loses carbonation Do not refrigerate until 1-2 days before drinking quickly after opening LIGHT WHITE, SWEET WHITE, AND ROSÉ WINE OPENED 5-7 days in fridge with a cork UNOPENED З уears Taste will change subtly after the first day due to oxidation Fruit character will often decrease FULL-BODIED WHITE WINE OPENED 3-5 days in the fridge with a cork UNOPENED 12 12 3 years Oxidizes quickly because kygen was used during pre-bottling aging process Always keep corked and in the fridge more RED WINE OPENED 3-5 days in a cool, dark place with a cork UNOPENED 12 12 2-3 years The more tannin and acidity, the longer it lasts after opening Some improve the day after they are first opened Store open red wines in a chiller or a dark, cool place If you don't have a chiller, store the wine in a fridge (which is better than room temperature) FORTIFIED WINE OPENED 28 days in a cool, dark place with a cork UNOPENED Decades Has very long shelf life because of the Exposure to light and heat causes wine to lose flavor more quickly addition of brandy MARSALA MADEIRA Madeira and Marsala will keep forever even when opened Sweeter and dessert wines last longer BAG-IN-A-BOX OPENED 2-3 weeks stored in the fridge Both red and white wine UNOPENED 12 Don't keep for longer than a month Check expiration dates, due to the regulation on food stored in plastics STORAGE TIPS WINES STORED AFTER OPENING CAN GO BAD IN TWO WAYS: 2 Acetic acid bacteria consumes the alcohol in wine and metabolizes it into acetic acid and acetaldehyde Oxidation causes a nutty, bruised fruit taste Causes the wine to have a sharp, vinegar-like smell Takes away fresh, fruity flavors Both are chemical reactions The lower the temperature wine is stored at, the slower this happens HOW TO PROPERLY STORE WINE IDEAL LOCATION FOR STORAGE: Cool Dark Somewhat humid WORST WINE STORAGE SPOTS Above the fridge Next to the dishwasher Next to the stove These locations heat the wine when the appliances are on STORE UNOPENED WINE HORIZONTALLY Prevents air from Keeps cork moist Preserves seal seeping into the bottle HOW TO TELL WHEN A WINE IS PAST ITS PRIME TELL-TALE SIGNS OF SPOILED WINE Leaky cork Cloudy appearance Tiny bubbles start appearing from an unplanned second fermentation Taste will be a bit rancid Always practice food safety; there are health risks associated with spoiled wine USE THIS GUIDE TO KEEP YOUR WINE TASTING FRESH AND FABULOUS! Brought to you by: In partnership with: CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co.

Don’t Wine About It: How Long Wine Lasts

shared by Ghergich on Jun 17
Wine can go bad in two ways, both due to chemical reactions that occur naturally. Read on for more tips on how to properly store wine, both opened and yet to be enjoyed!




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