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Do You Eat Too Much Protein?

Do You Eat Too Much Protein? Every day, the average American eats far more from the protein food group than the USDA recommends. 12 oz Here's what we do eat. 10 oz Here's what we should eat. 8 oz 6 oz 4 oz 2 oz 4-8 yrs 9-13 14-18 19-30 31-50 51+yrs Actual Recommended daily consumption from the protein food group, in "ounce equivalents" per capita daily consumption of meat (2005) women men Meat production has a large environmental impact ... particularly when compared to plant-based alternatives Animal protein takes about O 0X the water needed to produce grain protein. 6) 10x more 1 calorie of animal protein requires fossil fuels to produce than 1 calorie of plant protein. 55% of soil erosion in the US is the result of livestock. Soil erosion costs the US about $37.6 billion each year in decreased productivity. Eating too much meat impacts your health 13% How much your risk of dying prematurely increases with each extra daily serving of unprocessed red meat.* 20% How much you raise your risk of dying prematurely when you eat an extra daily serving of processed red meat.* Too much animal protein has been linked to kidney stones, dehydration and calcium loss. What can you do? Eat a balanced diet, with lots of produce Dairy Meat in moderation is just fine! Fish are rich in healthy omega-3 oils, while poultry can provide good protein that's low in satu- rated fats. Limit red meat Fruit Grain Veg Protein to 2x a week or fewer. Eat more plant-based proteins Vegetarian proteins equivalent to 1 ounce of meat 1/2 c cooked quinoa 1 oz tempeh 1 Tbs peanut butter 2 oz tofu 1/4 c cooked black beans 1/4 c chickpeas 1/4 c cooked kidney beans 1/2 oz almonds Complementary Proteins should be combined with other Complete Proteins have all the essential amino acids in the proper proportion proteins to achieve balance. Going meatless just once a week can help! One household Plant-based food one day a week Reduced greenhouse emissions equivalent to 1,160 fewer miles driven per year door o door orgânics SOURCES: | Harvard Medical School American Journal of Clinical Nutrition | FAO Carnegie Mellon University | USDA Institute of Medicine of the National Academies "According to a study performed by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health

Do You Eat Too Much Protein?

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Americans eat way more protein than they need. Here's why that is a problem, and some ideas about what to do.


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