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Do the Q: A Look at the Best Barbeque

DO THE Q A LOOK AT THE BEST BARBEQUE SMOKING: THE SECRET TO GREAT BARBEQUE SLOW SMOKING gives the meat a sweet, rich flavor SLOW COOKING tenderizes the meat HARDWOODS MEAT should be caoked slowly like hickory, oak, and apple produce the best flavor at a low temperature THE BEST BARBEQUE COMBINATIONS BABY BACK RIBS AT A GLANCE SHORTER THAN spareribs-hente the name "baby" IIIII IIIII III FULL SLAB Connected to pig's backbone under the loin muscle usually has 11 to 13 bones RECOMMENDED SAUCE KANSAS CITY BB- Tomato-based, thick, spicy, and sweet WINGS AT A GLANCE CHICKEN drumsticks and wings DRY-RUBBED and smoked for full flavor RECOMMENDED SAUCE CHICAGO BBO Sweet, spicy, and full-flavored PULLED CHICKEN AT A GLANCE HAND-PULLED, tender meat DRY-RUBBED and slow-smoked for richness HAVE IT ON a sandwich or on a Sampler plate RECOMMENDED SAUCE MANGO HABANERO BBQ A fun twist on BBQ saucel Sweet and a little spicy with a habanero kick PULLED PORK AT A GLANCE USUALLY MADE from pork shoulder TENDER, dry-rubbed, and slow-smoked VA CLASSIC BBQ choice RECOMMENDED SAUCE CAROLINA BBU Trademark thin, tangy, apple cider vinegar-based sauce SMOKED TURKEY AT A GLANCE SLOW-SMOKED, hand-carved turkey breast SERVED ON a sandwich with Swiss cheese A GREAT white meat option for BBQ lovers RECOMMENDED SAUCE MUSTARD BBQ Sweet and tangy with a little bit of heat from the mustard BEEF BRISKET AT A GLANCE COMES FROM the chest region of the cow, behind the front legs DRY-RUBBED and then smoked for 12 hours HAND-SLICED onto texas toast RECOMMENDED SAUCE TEXAS BBQ Tomato-based and spicy for a taste as big as Texas! INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY mOs SPORTS BAR Sources: htm html phpt7548

Do the Q: A Look at the Best Barbeque

shared by BrittSE on May 31
Did you know that hardwoods like hickory, oak, and apple produce the best flavors? Whether you are new to the world of barbeque or an old pro, knowing the best combinations of meats and sauces helps y...


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