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Distilled Spirits - A Maker's Guide

Distilled Spirits: A Maker's Guide US: Top Distilling States US: Rebirth of an Industry To make your distilled spirit, you'll need the following ingredients, equipment & supplies 80 Washington Grain Based Vegetable Based Sugarcane Based Fruit Based 50 Sugar Source Corn Potatoes Yams Agave Sugarcane Molasses Grapes Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide Colorado Apples Pear Wheat Barley Rye Cat constitutional ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoho lic beverages that remained in place from 1920 to 1933. The ban led to almost 100 years of decline indomestic alcoholic beverage production. Beet Tapioca Soybeans Plum Peach 40 Rice Michigan Sorghum Starch Extraction Technique The reason for this, says Bill Owens, founder and president of the American Distilling Institute, is their progressive legislatures. Roller Mill Hammer Mill Crusher Shredder Crusher Shredder Fruit Crusher Fruit Mill Starch Source: Fortune to Sugar Conversion Volume of 9-liter cases sold in US 2015 (in millions) Mash and Lauter Craft distilleries in the United States Fermentation Flavor Piofiles Bourbon & 769 Tennessee Fruity Spicy Grassy Buttery Whiskey Rum Distillation- Method Tequila Gin Column Still Pot Stll 24.8 20 14.8 10 Filtration Method 50 Plate and Frame Membrane Activated Charocal Lenticular Chill Filtration 2006 2015 Flavoring Method Source: American Craft Spirits Association Industry sales During First Distillation Before Before Redistillation Bottling Aging Method At the inaugural meeting of the American Distilling Institute in 2003, 86 people showed up, most of them from the tiny world of craft distilling. By 2015, more than 1400 businesses packed the convention center in Louisville, Kentucky. Stainless steel vats $2.9 bn Wooden barrels Solera vats $2.3 bn $2.3 bn $0.9 bn Bottle Decoration Lavender Gin Custom mold Etched Labeled Imprinted Source Distilled Spirits Council of the US Source: One marketplace for every business journey E KINNEK Purchasing Made Painless

Distilled Spirits - A Maker's Guide

shared by Kinnek on May 01
An overview of the ingredients, equipment, and processes essential to distilling spirits - as well as US industry trends in craft production.




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