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Dinner Party Guests: The Bad & The Ugly

THE MANY TYPES OF DINNER PARTY GUEST (.AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM!) The Organiser The Hoarder Keeps cutlery oriented in line with the edge of the table. Applies equal spacing to all items and flinches if they are knocked out of place. Likes to keep the wine bottles close to hand The PermaStain and never passes the sauce. No amount of washing will ever get that one out, but it kind of feels like part of the family now. SOLUTION: Present them with SOLUTION: their very own bottles of wine and sauce as Leave them be, you're not going to win this one. you greet them. Decor Overkill The Fussy Eater The Nosey Norbert So pretty and full of trinkets A and dinner party paraphernalia that you don't actually know where the food will go. Not intolerant to anything in particular, just the food you've served. The person who says they're going to the loo and then rifles through your stuff. SOLUTION: Break out the SOLUTION: emergency ham sandwiches! Lock your upstairs doors and set some booby traps! The Spiller The Anti- The Banquet Social Media There's always one. Taking photos of their food and sharing it with the world. SOLUTION: 9 Something Nigella claimed would be really easy (an obvious lie) – it was slow cooking for 7 days and it's your third attempt! Napkins. Lots of them. And a dark tablecloth. SOLUTION: Turn off the Wifi. The Sleeper The Centrepiece The Early Leaver Never quite makes it to the end of "We got it in Peru, darling. Yes, it's made from alpaca. Always ready with an excuse. Slips out quietly. the evening. SOLUTION: SOLUTION: Turn the music up. Best to just let them go. The Inspector The Wine Expert The 'Special Checks the cutlery is spotless before use. Likes to educate (bore) you on how your wine was a bad choice. Decanter One of your guests brought it last time. It's vile, but they're likely to be offended if you don't use it. SOLUTION: SOLUTION: Polish your silver all you like, it still won't be up to their standards. Ask them to bring the wine. The Passive Aggressive Couple "Oh look Gary, you've helped yourself to another glass of wine." SOLUTION: Maybe keep them apart? The Artist Quirky Glassware The Creature of Habit Builds a menagerie from napkins, stray peas or mashed potato. Impractical, ugly and generally awful. Can't eat a meal without adding their own sauce/condiment that they bring along with them. SOLUTION: Aww, come on! It's fun! SOLUTION: Search their bag! Bon Appetit! Brought to you by... ship it appliances ..---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Dinner Party Guests: The Bad & The Ugly

shared by RFox91 on Mar 24
Executing a successful dinner party is no easy feat (if it were, Come Dine with Me wouldn’t be half as entertaining). But it’s not just your lack of skills in the kitchen or your inability to matc...


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