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Dining Etiquette Around The World Pt. 2

Pat Tvo Etiquette Dining Around/the World United Kingdom Your Meal Do Bnjoy add a 10% tip Tea Etiquette Don't touch the side of your cup with the spoon when stirring. Don't leave the teaspoon in your tea cup. Don't put your elbows on the table. Do place the teaspoon on your saucer in the same direction as the cup handle. Germany don't use a knife to cut potatoes, smash them with a fork instead. Guten Appetie? do add 5-10% do do knock on the table for applause after a toast or speech. learn how to request the bill: "Die Rechnung, bitte!" Hungary Don't leave glass empty if you don't want to drink anymore... it will be filled immediately. Jó étvágyat! imaipal Do add a 10% tip Don't Do chink beer glasses, a tradition shunned since the Hungarian Revolution, say cheers with any other type of drink. learn how to request the bill: "A számlűt kérem!" MEXICO add 15% agree in advance who will pay the bill to avoid a show of paying it. "BUEN PROVECHOI" DON'T DON'T Ever eat tacos with a knife and start eating until the host says "“Buen Provecho!" which essentially means Enjoy your meal' fork, it's considered 'snobby'. Poland don't Do bring chrysanthemums or and an even number of flowers as a gift for your hostess. add 10 - 15% maczinego do do toast by saying 'Na Zdrowie', which means To Your Health, or 'Stola', implying you should live to 100 years make sure you can handle your liquor – toasts are usually made with neat vodka! old. * Vietnam * Do add 5% if the service was exceptional Don't ngon nhé eat or drink until the elders have been served and given permission for everyone to begin. Do add spices, extras, pickles and chilies to your meal from the small bowls provided. Do have both hands above the table so one hand holds your rice bowl and the other hand holds your chopsticks. THE RESTAURANT CHOICE Sources: | ***********

Dining Etiquette Around The World Pt. 2

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Our little idiosyncrasies are what make us interesting and special. It’s undeniable that it’s important to be respectful of other cultures when travelling or on holiday and this extends to dining ...


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