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The Different Types of Pasta

Pasta Ristorande Perciatelli BUT IT'S SMALLER AND ELBOW-SHAPED Macaroni AND THICKER AND MADE WITH FLOUR PLUS POTATOES BUT ITS WITH RIDGED SIDES Bucatini Gnocchi Fiori Penne rigate FLOWRS BUT IT'S HOLLOW IT'S AND GERMAN EGG PASTA BUT IT'S SHORTER AND THINNER Spaghettoni Spätzle Rotelle Pennette WHEELS BUT IT'S THICKER Spaghetti Penne BUT IT'S THINNER BUTTER FLUES Spaghettini WIDER Penne zita IT'S ROUND IN SHAPE MUCH THINNER Is it like spaghetti? Fedelini Farfalle LARGE PENS Pennoni BUT IT'S TRIANGLE Vermicelloni Trenne SHAPED BUT IT'S THICKER Is it like vermicelli? Is it like penne? Vermicelli YES Trennette What kind of pasta is on your plate? BUT IT'S THINNER вит TSA STRAND. TWISTED IN A LOOSE SPIRAL Capellini Gemelli NO MUCH THINNER Capellini d'angelo Spirali Is it coiled? Is it like fusili? BUT IT'SA TUBE WITH Infographic: Ymke Pas, Photo's: Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Barilla SPIRALS ROUND Chaming Barbina Marziani ITALY ANDIT'S THIN STRANDS BUT IT'S SHORTER Fusilli lunghi Fusilli RODS It's long extruded I's It's Its It's It's irregular shaped AND IT'S ribbon-cut decorative minute short-cut TUBES stuffed noodle noodle shaped pasta extruded Fusilli bucati BUT ITS MORE TIGHTLY-COILED Spiralini COULD AND IT'S 6.5 MM WIDE Is it like spaghetti? Is it like lasagne? Is it like tagliatelle? Is it rice shaped? Is it rings NO- of pasta? Is it bead-like? Is it a small object? NO- -NO- - NO- Fettucine Tortellini YES Ring-shaped YES Spaghetti alla chitarra BUT IT'S SOUARE Tagliatelle BUT ITS NARROWER IT'S LITTLE STARS YES Stelline BUT IT'S SMALL AND IT'S THICK AND ITS SMALL BUT ITS FLATTENED Risi Acini di pepe IT'S LITTLE SHELLS Ciriole Bavette Tortelloni Orzo Conchigliette Round or rectangular Linguine BUT IT'S THICKER ITSLITTLE CORALS Corallini BUT ITS THINNER Pastina ANDIT'S NARROW Linguettine Taglierini Pappardelle ITS LITTLE BUTTERFLIES Farfalline Sacchettoni ITS LITTLE MUSHROOMS Sacks Lasagne Funghini BUT IT'S SMALL BUT IT'S WIDER BUT IT'S NARROWER BUT IT'S LONGER AND RIDGED ON ONE SIDE VERY SMALL Cannelloni Chaming i Lagane Lasagnette Lasagnotte Tripoline Occhi di Anelli Anellini Rolls of pasta pernice TALY •.... Italian Travel Blog.

The Different Types of Pasta

shared by paolor on Jan 25
Do you think macaroni & spaghetti are the only types of pasta? Think again! This infogrpahic takes a look at the various forms of pasta.


Ymke Pas


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