Delicious and Nutritious: The Health Benefits of Sushi

DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF SUSHI GOOD-FOR-YOU INGREDIENTS FISH TUNA CRAB YELLOWTAIL EEL SALMON BENEFITS GREAT SOURCE FIGHTS CANCER & LOW IN FAT FULL OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS OF PROTEIN HEART DISEASE AND CALORIES TIP Try roe (fish eggs) for a delicious dose of even more Omega-3s! 2 FRUITS & VEGETABLES UME CUCUMBER (Japanese plums that are great for digestion and overall health) MANGO AVOCADO ASPARAGUS EXTRAS RICE SEAMEED DAIKON MASABI GINGER A low-calorie wrap of Japanese radish (brown rice is a healthier option) TASTY TREATS THAT ARE GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH! CALIFORNIA ROLL SASHIMI SPICY ROLL snow crab, roe, cucumber, avocado choice of fish, spicy sauce TIP TIP Avoid lower quality California rolls These mouthwatering raw fish slices are the lowest fat and calorie option that contain imitation crab and mayo! without the extra ingredients! THE SKINNY ON WHAT INGREDIENTS TO AVOID IF YOU'RE GOING LO-CAL MAYOS AND AIOLIS BACON TEMPURA CREAM CHEESE This Japanese word means the food is battered and fried! INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY DRAG ONFLY. ROBATA GRILL-SUSHI-LOUNGE SOURCES ----------

Delicious and Nutritious: The Health Benefits of Sushi

shared by BrittSE on Mar 04
Bacon and cream cheese may add a punch to your sushi’s flavor, but it’s probably best to avoid these ingredients if you want to keep your plate healthy. This infographic from a sushi restaurant in...


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