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Cutting out the fat

Cutting Out the Fat a cheat sheet for cooking! Cutting sugar in half and adding a teaspoon of Vanilla as a replacement can give just as much flavor with significantly fewer calories Swapping out flour for a can of Black Beans in brownies is a great way to cut out the gluten and fit in an extra dose of protein While breadcrumbs can pack extra sodium, using Rolled Oats seasoned with herbs is a great way to sneak another whole grain into any meal Using Applesauce in place of sugar can give the The natural sweetener Stevia is lower in calories necessary sweetness and up to 300 times without the extra calories sweeter than sugar Evaporated Milk tends to have a bit more sugar (only about 2 grams) Those chocolate chips start out as Cacao Nibs Coconut Milk is a great substitute for heavy cream in soups and stews The creaminess and subtle flavor of the High in fiber and low in carbohydrates, Coconut Flour is a great partial substitute for wheat flour in baking recipes Avocado lends itself well to the texture of fudge brownies and dark chocolate flavorings Ground Turkey (or chicken) is a great substitute for ground beef to cut down on saturated fat Spaghetti Squash is a great low-carb and lower-calorie substitute for pasta and calories Nutritional Yeast for cheese The creamy, thickening-power of mashed Ripe Banana acts the same as avocado in terms of replacing fat in baking recipes The taste and texture are a Opt for Brown Rice for a fuller nutritional profile little bit different, but the creamy gooiness is pretty comparable Sources: Chef Needs - - - baking-tips-low-fat-substitutions The Kitchen Every Chef Needs

Cutting out the fat

shared by bigdropinc on Oct 09
Cutting out the fat, we created an infographic showing the cheat sheet for cooking


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