The Curious Eating Habits of College Students: GrubHub's 2014 Analysis

GrubHub & Spoon University Present.. DELTA DELTA DATA! If it weren't for those meddling college kids, we wouldn't have this infographic about their eating habits to share... College Folks Versus... Everyone Else The Kids? They're Alright. But They Don't Order Like the Rest of Us. STAY UP LATE: Orders between DON'T MIND THE EXTRA CALS: 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. are twice as common with college kids. College students request healthy substitutions 23% less commonly. PREFER ENERGY DRINKS: SKIP THE SVWEETS: Sweets and Coffee orders are 15% less desserts are ordered 18% less commonly by students. common. But energy drinks are 83% more popular. THINK MANNERS ARE PASSÉ: Students are 18% less likely to say "Please" and "Thank you" when making requests. DON'T ORDER EARLY: Early morning orders - between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. - are 66% less common among students. College Students Like to Order Food KEEP IT MILD: Students are 26% less likely to order spicy dishes. Maybe the sriracha is at home... Here's What They Order the Most 1. Pizza LOVE THEIR MEAT: Vegetarian and vegan orders are 25% lower among college diners. 2. Fries 3. Wings 4. Soup 5. Salad They Eat What They Like Compared to the rest of Americans, students order these foods more frequently.. 114% 179% 150% More Chicken with Broccoli More Calzoni More Cookies 92% 88% More General Tso's Chicken More Sesame Chicken Late-Night Orders Request Healthy Dishes Campuses with the most late-night diners. The most “health- conscious" campuses. 1. Syracuse University 2. Michigan State University 1. Georgetown University 3. University of Connecticut 4. Ithaca College 2. University of Notre Dame 3. University of Tennessee 4. Lafayette College 5. Central Connecticut State University 5. The Ohio State University Adventurous Eaters Meat Lovers Schools with the most ethnically adventurous eaters. Campuses that order the most meat. 1. Columbia College 1. Fordham University ARA 2. New York University 2. Lafayette College 3. School of the Art Institute Chicago 3. University of the Sciences 4. Loyola University of Chicago 5. Columbia University 4. University of North Carolina Greensboro 5. University of Northern lowa Vegetarian-Friendly Campuses Most Dessert Orders Colleges with the most vegetarian diners. They order a lot of dessert at these schools. 1. Cornell University 2. Yale University 1. Regis University 3. School of the Art Institute Chicago 2. University of Texas 3. University of Tennessee 4. University of Illinois 4. University of Chicago - Booth School of Business 5. Virginia Commonwealth University 5. Columbia College Spicy Orders Early Risers Campuses that order the most spicy foods. These campuses start ordering takeout earliest. 1. Columbia University 1. University of North Carolina 2. Occidental College 2. Cornell University 3. Emory University 4. Boise State University 3. Rush University Medical Center 4. University of Chicago Booth School of Business 5. University of Illinois 5. University of South Carolina Students at Columbia University are 225% more likely to order early in the morning than other college students. grubHub O SPOON UNIVERSITY happy eating Data and rankings based on orders placed by college students at hundreds of college campuses during the 2013-2014 school year (9/1/13-12/15/13 and 1/15/14-5/1/14).

The Curious Eating Habits of College Students: GrubHub's 2014 Analysis

shared by GrubHub on Aug 26
We’ve analyzed orders on hundreds of college campus to unwrap the curious takeout habits of college students.




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