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A Cup of Tea

2737B.C. Legend has it that tea was discovered by the Chinese Emperor, SHAN NONG, who was sitting beneath a tree waiting for his water to boil when tea leaves fell into his pot. A cup of TEA? Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring boiling hot water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The term also refers to the plant itself. It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavour which many people enjoy. MOST POPULARS TEA BRANDS BARRYS TEA BIGELOW. AHMAD TEA LONDON AHMAD TEA United Kingdom BARRY'S TEA Ireland BIGELOW Connecticut, USA CELESTIAL Tea is traditionally classified based on the techniques with which it is produced and processed: TATONINES CELESTIAL SEASONINGS Colorado, USA Dilmah WHITE TEA YELLOW TEA GREEN TEA Unwilted and Unwilted and unoxidized Wilted and unoxidized DILMAH unoxidized, but Sri Lanka allowed to yellow HARNEY & SONS HARNEY &SONS New York, USA BLACK TEA POST-FERMENTED TEA Green tea that has been OOLONG Wilted, bruised, and Wilted, sometimes partially oxidized crushed, and fully oxidized allowed to ferment/compost KUSMI TEA 66 After water, KUSMI TEA France Tea was tea is the most primarily used as a remedy, due to the - medicinal benefits attributed to it. widely consumed beverage in the world99 FIFTH Century A.D. LANCASHIR TEA LANCASHIRE TEA United Kingdom PRODUCTION CHINA 66 in 2010, world tea production reached over 4.52 million tonnes.99 INDIA TURKEY 1,467,467 ton. 235,000 ton. 85,000 ton IRAN 165,717 ton. 991,180 ton. 282,300 ton. 198,466 ton. KENIA 399,000 ton. 150,000 ton, VIETNAM ARGENTINA 88,574 ton. SRI LANKA GIAPPONE INDONESIA Tea arrived in Lipton Europe via Dutch and Portuguese sailors. 17th SALES Century According to the FAO, in 2007 the largest importer of tea, by weight, LIPTON Scotland was the Russian Federation, followed by the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the United States. MATAWATTEE TEA Kenya, China, India and Sri Lanka were the largest exporters of tea in 2007 (with exports of: 374,229; 292,199; 193,459 and 190,203 tonnes respectively). 18th Century Tea arrived in Northern America. MAZAWATTEE United Kingdom The largest exporter of black tea in the world is Kenya, while the largest producer (and consumer) of black tea in the world is India. Mighty Leaf CONSUMPTION kg. annual per capita MIGHTY LEAF California, USA UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 6.24 kg. MOROCCO 4.34 kg. 3 IRELAND 3.22 kg. 4 MAURITANIA 3.22 kg. PICKWICK 5 TURKEY 2.74 kg. PICKWICK Netherlands 6 SEYCHELLES 2.08 kg. UNITED KINGDOM 1.89 kg. Punjana 8 KUWAIT 1.61 kg. PUNJANA Northern Ireland 9 QUATAR 1.60 kg. 10 KAZAKHSTAN 1.54 kg. GTO 16 December 1773 D WORLD 0.57 kg. RINGTONS TEA United Kingdom 83 GERMANY 0.23 kg. "THE BOSTON TEA PARTY" was a political protest against the British government and the monopolistic that controlled all the tea imported into the colonies. The Boston Tea Party was a key event in the growth of the American Revolution. HEALTH BENEFITS Salada Teg SALADA TEA Canada Tea has less caffeine than coffee. helps keep you hydrated. Tea bolsters your immune defenses. ANGANDA dea TANGANDA TEA Zimbabwe Tea may reduce rrisk of Tea your heart attack and stroke. increases your metabolism. tavalon the future of tea 66 The tea TAVALON New York City Tea protects against industry's worldwide cancer. economic +AZO activity stands at more than three billion dollars a year. 99 Tea may help prevent diabetes. TAZO Oregon, USA Tea protects your bones. Thbooy Tea contains antioxidants. ТЕНВОТОL Indonesia Tea is calorie-free. Tea Gschwendner Tea merchants since 1978 A significant rise in tea consumption resulted from the appearance of tea bags. The inventor of tea bags, a New York tea merchant by the name of THOMAS SULLIVAN. GSCHWENDNER Germany beginning of 20th century TEN FU TEA China WD Yogi Tea Tetley TWININGS YOGI TEA WISSOTZKY TEA TWININGS United Kingdom TETLEY India Oregon, USA Israel I I I I I Sources:

A Cup of Tea

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Infographic on tea production from around the world, consumption, history of tea and tea culture


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