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The Craziest Things You Can Eat Around the Home

10 Things You Can Eat (But Probably Wouldut) Around Your Home & Garden Tree Bark (Aspen, Birch, Willow, Maple & Pine) Remarkably versatile, easy to harvest and surprisingly calorific, the only let down is the predictably woody flavour. Calories Harvest 80 kcal Nutrition The Menu V Vitamin C V Fibre Shredded (raw) into a salad Boiled, as a rustic pasta Per 100g All Year Round Dried and ground into a flour to make bread, Warning: or soup Make sure you have correctly identified the tree, as some species are poisonous! GROSS-NESS RATING 10 Snails (Helix pomatia, Cornu aspersa or Helix lucorum) Harvest after the rain when the snails are far easier to find and hopefully a little bit cleaner too. Calories Harvest 90 kcal Nutrition The Menu V Magnesium Traditionally fried in butter, garlic and white wine V Protein Per 100g After Rain Warning: Tasting Notes Similar to seafood, but with so much garlic and butter, the true flavour is often hidden. To avoid an upset stomach, 'purge' the snails (to remove toxins) by feeding them on carrots for several days before eating them. GROSS-NESS RATING 10 Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) Every single part of the dandelion is edible from its roots to its flowers. Dandelion tea is also good for digestion. Grab some! Calories Нarvest The Menu 45 Nutrition Dandelion Salad V Vitamin A kcal V Vitamin C Steamed Per 100g Spring Dandelion flower wine Dandelion roots can be Warning: dried and roasted to make a Make sure you harvest dandelions early in coffee-like substitute spring to avoid the bitterness of older plants. GROSS-NESS RATING %. Leather (Boots, belts, sofas...) This would have to be a last resort food as there's next to no nutritional value and frankly. it tastes like old boots. Calories Harvest Nutrition The Menu Vigourously boiled for several hours in a vain kcal ? Perhaps a bit of protein? attempt to soften it Per 100g All Year Round Warning: If the leather has been tanned (which it almost certainly has) it may contain toxic chemicals, which if consumed may cause stomach upsets. Best to avoid. TAL GROSS-NESS RATING 10 10 Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) Yep, those cute, furry things are also delicious, but please, please, please don't eat the endangered red squirrel! Calories Harvest The Menu Nutrition 190 kcal Squirrel-on-a-stick High in protein Squirrel Pie Per 100g All Year Round Squirrel Stew Warning: All wild animals (especially rodents) have the potential to carry disease. These SHOULD be killed off with the heat from cooking. GROSS-NESS RATING 20 Chalk (unbleached, uncoloured & non-toxic) You're not going to get any calories munching on a stick of chalk, but it could help stave of hunger for a while. Calories Harvest Nutrition The Menu Packed with kcal Crunch on it, like a calcium carrot stick Per 100g All Year Round Warning: Check the chalk is naturally made and doesn't contain any chemicals or toxic colourants before taking a chomp. GROSS-NESS RATING 10 Nettles (Urtica dioica) Tastes similar to spinach, with hints of cucumber, when cooked. Pick in early spring, when leaves are young. Calories Harvest The Menu 42 kcal Nutrition V Vitamin A Nettle Pesto V Vitamin C Nettle Soup Iron Per 100g Spring Nettle Bread Warning: A nettle sting can be quite painful, especially if you're gathering a large quantity. Use gloves and be extra careful. Avoid places popular with dog walkers.. GROSS-NESS RATING 3 10 House Plants (various) This depends on what you decide to grow, but it's entirely possible to grow herbs, salad greens and mini fruit trees in your house. Calories Harvest What Grows Well Indoors? Nutrition Herbs, citrus fruits, peppers, kcal Depends on the plant or tomatoes, salad leaves, fruit microgreens, strawberries, avocados, carrots and many, Per 100g All Year Round many more.. Warning: Don't just go eating any old houseplant as lots of them are very toxic. Make sure you do your research and are confident of identification. GROSS-NESS RATING 10 Woodlice (Oniscus asellus) olle Shrimp-like in flavour, only sweeter and with added crunch. Are found in abundance in most gardens. Look under plant pots. Calories Harvest Nutrition The Menu 90 V Protein Fried Woodlice V Their shells are a kcal great source of Calcium Potted Woodlice Per 100g (estimated) Best in Summer Warning: Purging is recommended to get rid of the stomach contents of woodlice – although they mainly eat dead plant matter, you don't want to take the chance. GROSS-NESS RATING 10 10 Pine Needles (all species of Pine tree) It's not only the bark and nuts of the pine tree that are edible, the needles are too. They're also evergreen, so are available all year. Calories Harvest 10 Nutrition The Menu v High in Vitamin C Pine Needle Tea (best with kcal a dash of honey) Per 100g All Year Round Warning: Whilst all species of pine are edible, there are species which may look similar to the amateur forager (for example Yew) which are very poisonous. GROSS-NESS RATING 10 Disclaimer: Never eat any plant, animal, bug (or other) unless you are 100% certain of its identification and that it contains no toxins. If in any doubt - DON'T EAT! Sources: Brought to you by:, ASPIRE,,,

The Craziest Things You Can Eat Around the Home

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Ever wondered what things you could eat around the house but outside the kitchen. There are a large range of things living in your home that'd you'd never think of eating, or you may not want to, but ...


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