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Cost for a Lift [improved]

Cost for a Lift What is the most cost effective source of caffiene for that boost? people show withdraw symptoms at 100 mg of caffiene [1] As a general rule of thumb, most caffeine users need a surprisingly small amount of the stimulant to enjoy its pleasant effects. Studies show that 100 milligrams - just a 6-ounce cup of a typical automatic-drip coffee - produces a lift. [2) Which brand has the highest priced lift? $1.00 per 100 mg 92¢ $1.37 $1.51 panera starbucks tim hortons Which type has the highest priced lift? $1.00 per 100 ma $1.88 $1.57 98¢ 52¢ D instant drip coffee americano espresso 88¢ $1.17 $2.72 $1.92 98¢D starbucks tim horton's panera panera tim horton's starbucks Sources 11) Jullano, L and R. Griffiths (2004). withdrawal: empirical validation of symptoms and signs, incidence, severity, and associated features." Psychopharmacology 176(1):1-29. 12) 37 the calculations are based from reported values from the company's nutritional web sites and in store prices on July 12, 2013 "A critical review of caffeine

Cost for a Lift [improved]

shared by AnotherHumanFactor on Jul 13
Cost for a lift examines the price of 100 mg of caffeine (a lift) at 3 national coffee sellers. What brand and beverage provide the best value? highest cost?


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