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Cost of Coffee: U.S. and Worldwide

THE COST OF COFFEE IN THE US AND WORLDWIDE For caffeine addicts everywhere, our infographic tells you where to purchase your favorite coffee at a discount. We compared 10 popular outlets in the US and the 10 most visited cities of 2015 to find the least expensive location for coffee. US COFFEE COSTS AND CALORIES (SORTED BY SIZE, CAPPUCCINO & CALORIES) Outlet Regular Venti Sm.Cappuccino Cappuccino Calories Coffee Beanery $1.90 $2.22 $3.49 130 Seattle's Best $1.70 $2.10 $3.34 130 Peets $1.85 $2.40 $3.00 105 Starbucks $2.10 $2.45 $2.95 90 Caribou $1.83 $2.48 $3.34 90 Dunkin Donuts $2.15 $2.43 $2.69 Dunn Bros $1.89 $2.09 $2.99 The Coffee Bean S2.89 MOST EXPENSIVE $3.09 $3.69 80 Tully's $2.47 $2.68 $3.44 80 McDonald's $1.69 CHEAPEST $1.79 McDonald's coffee retailed the cheapest, while The Coffee Bean takes the title for most expensive cup of joe, as well as most expensive cappuccino. Coffee Beanery's luxury cappuccino had the highest number of calories, and also the most expensive small cappuccino offerings. Tully's offsets their higher-tier costs with the lowest calorie count -- a mere 80 calories -- that is only matched by a select few. Mid-range offerings are ruled by Starbucks, who also ties for the second on the lowest calorie count per cappuccino with Caribou. Worldwide Cappuccino Costs Bangkok $2.59 London $3.81 Istanbul $1.75 New York C* $3.95 Seoul $4.10 Paris Hong Kong $4.35 $4.21 Dubai $4.35 Kuala Lumpur $2.48 |(: Singapore $3.98 COST OF COFFEE RANKED BY CITY (SORTED BY AVERAGE COST) Rank Country Cost $$$ Dubai $4.35 Hong Kong $4.35 Paris $4.21 Seoul $4.10 Singapore $3.98 New York $3.95 London $3.81 Bangkok $2.59 Kuala Lumpur $2.48 10 Istanbul $1.75 Our research uncovered that a cappuccino costs more in Dubai and Hong Kong over the other cities in our sample. London ranked 7th, just behind New York and Singapore, while Istanbul was the most wallet-friendly location to get your caffeine fix! Other findings... Smallest Largest The cost of the largest cappuccino in Starbucks, Istanbul (8.75 TL/$2.89 approx.), costs less than the smallest cappuccino in Starbucks, New York ($395 approx.) Americans consume 3.14 billion pounds of coffee beans every year. That's the same weight as 15 Nimitz class aircraft carriers (the largest in the world). COUPONBOX .com Price and calorie data collected directly from retailers. Updated February 2016

Cost of Coffee: U.S. and Worldwide

shared by NickCobb on Apr 15
An infographic look at the cost of coffee in the United States and the rest of the world.




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