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Corn Harvested for Ethanol Could Feed Millions

FOODORFUEL? Nearly a billion people will go hungry tonight, yet this year the U.S. will turn nearly 5 billion bushels of corn into ethanol. That's enough food to feed 412 million people for an entire year. 8. 21.6 GALLONS ENOUGH FOOD TO BUSHELS OF ETHANOL OR FEED A PERSON FOR OF CORN FUEL A WHOLE YEAR DOING THE MATH. SOURCES 5 billion bushols /8 bushals of corn (anough calorias to foed a parson for a yaar) sufficiont calorias to support 625 million people, minus ona-third to account for distiller's grain (DDG) - 412 million 450 pounds of com supplies enough calories for ona person for a yoar ( ((E) resourcemedia About 5 billion bushels of production is slated for athanol production Onttp://www.usda.gowoca/commodity/wasde/latest.pdf) 8 bushels of corn (feads a parson for a yaar) X27 gallons of athanal per bushal - 21.6 gallons of athanol per bushel Ona bushal of corn produces 2.7 gallons of athanol (Purduo Extension, "How Fual Ethanol is Made From Corn," http://www.axtansion.purdue.odu/axtmadia/ID/ID-328.pdf)

Corn Harvested for Ethanol Could Feed Millions

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Numbers released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) show that roughly 40 percent of the current corn harvest — nearly five billion bushels of corn — will be used to make ethanol...


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