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Cooking With Kids

COOKING WITH YOUR KIDS Inspiring Innovation through Lessons in the Kitchen Take a gourmet parent, inquisitive kids, and a kitchen full of yummy ingredients, and you've got the recipe for a fun family activity. The kitchen is a perfect place to spend time with your kids while encouraging a lifelong passion for cooking and healthy eating. Getting kids involved in the kitchen is the perfect way to: Encourage kids to try new foods and flavors. Involve kids in preparing food for their birthday or holiday party. Train kids how to use kitchen tools and appliances safely. Grow a family fruit or vegetable garden for fresh produce. Teach kids that cleaning up is a necessary part of the cooking process. Spend family time doing a practical, hands-on activity with results kids can see and taste. Introduce different dishes and spices from all over the world. Point out the countries on a globe or map! PRESCHOOL Simple, hands-on activities are perfect for preschool age chefs to perfect their motor skills and develop their fine motor skills. They will enjoy activities such as: WIPING TABLES OPENING STIRRING OR WHISKING PACKAGES INGREDIENTS INA BOWL FRESH GRAPE & CHEDDAR SALAD WHAT YOU NEED This tasty salad is perfect for little ones to assist on washing fruits and veggies, tearing lettuce and salad greens, and pouring liquids. DRESSING ½ cup Welch's 100% Grape Juice % TSP BALSAMIC VINEGAR DIRECTIONS TO MAKE DRESSING: 4 Cabot 2% Plain CUP Greek-Style Yogurt 2 tsp dijon mustard SALAD high heat 4 min 10 min In saucepan over high heat, bring grape juice to boil; let cook until bubbling thickly and reduced to a couple of tablespoons, about 4 minutes. Scrape into small bowl and place in freezer for about 1o minutes to chill. FRESH BABY GREENS-ARUGULA. CUPS ROMAINE, OR SPINACH 3 Remove from freezer and whisk in yogurt, vinegar, and mustard until smooth. Season with pepper. Use immediately or cover and refrigerate until needed. YOGURT VINEGAR MUSTARD 1 OUNCE CABOT SHARP LIGHT OR YOUR FAVORITE PEPPER CABOT CHEDDAR, GRATED 1 cup halved red or green seedless grapes TO FINISH SALAD: Toss the fresh greens and grapes. Top with cheese and drizzle dressing over salad. ELEMENTARY Elementary age children are learning to control smaller muscles in their fingers, so cooking is a perfect way for them to help: SET THE TABLE OPEN CARTONS AND BOTTLES CUT SOFT FOODS WITH A BLUNT KNIFE WHAT YOU NEED BAKED CHICKEN STRIPS A kid favorite, these chicken strips will allow junior chefs to measure ingredients, grate cheese, and beat ingredients with a whisk. Nonstick cooking spray 1 KING ARTHUR UNBLEACHED DIRECTIONS CUP ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR pinch PINCH GROUND BLACK PEPPER 375°F salt 4 LARGE % CUP EGG WHITES ........... . Coat 9-by-13-inch baking dish with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 375°F. reduced fat (2%) mtlk IN THREE SEPARATE BOWLS: 1 ½ cups crushed cornflakes Mix together.. Beat together. Mix together. 4 OUNCES CABOT SHARP LIGHT OR YOUR FAVORITE FLOUR SALT PEPPER EGG WHITES CORNFLAKES MILK CHEESE CABOT CHEDDAR, GRATED 6 BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST HALVES. cut into 1/2-inch-wide strips Dip chicken strips first into flour, then into egg white mixture, then into cornflake mixture, turning to coat. 000 Place in baking dish. Bake for 25 minutes or until nicely browned, turning over after about 12 minutes. Serve with ketchup or barbecue sauce if desired. TWEENS & TEENS Prepare teens for more advanced cooking tasks as they learn sequences and problem solving. Introduce recipes that offer experiences such as: USING A MICROWAVE OR PREPARING RECIPES WITH TOSS VEGETABLES WITH OVEN (WITH SUPERVISION) MULTIPLE INGREDIENTS OIL IN A ROASTING PAN CHEDDAR AND TOMATO QUESADILLAS WHAT YOU NEED This zesty dish is a quick and easy way for tweens and teens to practice shredding cheese and assembling quesadillas, using a skillet on the stove, and using a knife (with supervision). 8-INCH 1 container FLOUR TORTILLAS : guacamole CABOT CHIPOTLE CHEDDAR. HOT HABANERO CHEDDAR. OZ OR PEPPER JACK. GRATED DIRECTIONS Sprinkle half of cheese over tortillas. Top with tomato slices and remaining cheese. Press remaining tortillas on top. 4 PLUM TOMATOES, THINLY SLICED Set large skillet over medium heat until hot. Place first quesadilla in skillet and cook until browned on underside, about i minute. Turn with spatula and cook until quesadilla is browned on second side and cheese is melted. about i minute longer. Repeat with remaining quesadillas. Cut each quesadilla into eight pieces; top each with dollop of guacamole. SOURCES UsiQJYBdWoc

Cooking With Kids

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It doesn't take an expert chef to realize that kids love to help out in the kitchen too! Take on innovative cooking projects while bonding and sharing your culinary savviness.


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