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Cooking Hacks: Everyone Should Know

OCOOKING 문 ACKS Everyone Should Know Want to Remove Garlic Skin Quickly? Prevent Over-Boiling Smash a head of garlic and put it in a bowl. put another bowl on top and shake. Rest a wooden spoon across a pan of boiling water it stops it from boiling over. Remove Fats Drop a couple of ice cubes into a soup/stew/casserole, you'll soon see easily scoopable fat globules. This is because the fat starts to congeal in the colder area you have created. The Perfect Ginger Рее Peel Peel ginger root with a teaspon. The flat edge is more than sharp enough to rub the thin skin off and it's less wasteful than a knife or peeler. Replace Ice Cubes With Frozen Fruit Use frozen fruit to chill drinks. Grapes work well in white wine and strawberries are great with fizz. This makes for a less watery drink with a sweet treat at the end. Get Rid of Egg Shel If you get shell fragments in a broken egg, use a cracked shell half to scoop them out -it's much more efficient than using your finger. G GOURMANDIA

Cooking Hacks: Everyone Should Know

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These are some of the cooking tactics that everyone should know. Make your kitchen life easy!






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