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The Complete Visual Guide to Pork Cuts

COOKING METHOD THE COMPLETE VISUAL GUIDE TO PORK CUTS CorrChilled Grill Skillet Stir Fry Marinate & Grill FOR THE COOL CUSTOMER Stew Braise Roast Pot Roast COST per lb «ЕЗ £3 x «£5 £5 HOCK LEG LOIN 3. Fresh Hock Smoked Hock Whole Leg Leg Shank Leg Butt Tenderloin Loin Centre Baby Back Ribs Cut Roast 3. 3) Leg Whole Boneless Roast Leg Cutlet Saute Cubes Sirloin Chop Canadian Style Bacon (Sopocka) Frenched Pork Chop 3) Hạm Loin Chop Sirloin Steak Boneless LOIN LEG 3) Escalope (Eye of Loin) Butterfly Chop BELLY BELLY 3) Spare Ribs Sliced Bacon Rib Roast Rib Roast RibEye Steak Boneless SHOULDER 3) Rib Chop Country Style Rib Back Rib 3) Smoked Shoulder Blade Shoulder Blade Braising Cubes Sausage Meat Shoulder Roll Steak Capicola Steak Rib Crown Rib Crown Country Style Rib Boneless Roast Boneless Roast 3) 3) 3. Lean Ground Blade Blade Shoulder Shoulder Blade Picnic Roast Shoulder Blade Pork Roast Steak Roast Boneless Capicola Roast Side Ribs Belly Pork Rib Roast Rack SHOULDER НОск НОск

The Complete Visual Guide to Pork Cuts

shared by AdmStevens on Mar 28
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This is part of the series of infographics called 'The Complete Visual Guide to _ Cuts' - Find out how much each pork cut costs and how to cook them.


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