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The College Student Snack Attack

INSIDE the COLLEGE O Student «SNACK ATTACK C HOURS When they're buying 57% AFTERNOON (12-4 PM) Nearly 60% of College Millennials purchase snacks during the afternoon 19% 19% 5% Late Night Evening (6-10 PM) Morning (10 PM-2 AM) (7-11 AM) SEASONS When they're noshing 35% WINTER The more extreme the temperatures get, the more snacking they tend to do 13% 9% 3% Summer Fall Spring FACTORS Why they're choosing 25% SATISFIES AN IMMEDIATE CRAVING A quarter of their snacking decisions are simply made by their stomachs 23% 21% 19% Price Nutritional Convenience Facts 43% I LOVE IT Favorite, familiar brands reign supreme. but decisions can be swayed 35% 10% 8% Free Coupons Peer/ Friend Sampling Suggestions CHOICES What they're selecting 25% GRANOLA BARS When pressed into a decision, they're opting for healthy alternatives 22% 15% 12% Chips Fresh Fruit Cookies/ Pastries SPOILS How much they're spending 48% $1-3 Roughly half of our snackers spend less than a Lincoln on a daily basis 34% 11% 5% $3-5 $5-7 $7-10 PLASTIC How they're paying 44% Generic BarıkK Debit 5723 8971 6429 0921 VALID, 8764 YHRU GRADUATION? COLLEGE MILLENNIALS DEBIT CARD Put it on their card: College Millennials are likely to pay for snacks with plastic 22% 21% 13% Student ID/ Cash Credit Money Card Source: fluent 2013 research. fluent College Millennials survey (n=1281) Respondents were surveyed between the dates of September 12-17, 2013 TRANSLATING BRANDS FOR THE COLLEGE WORLD Infographic Design by Scott Jacobs Healthy

The College Student Snack Attack

shared by fluent on Oct 07
What, when and how do college kids snack? This infographic breaks down some of the common preferences and behaviors of the college student's snack break based on a survey of 1,200+ students.




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