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Cognac Encyklopedia - Cognac Degusting Infographic

COGNAC DEGUSTING Tasting a Cognac begins with choosing a glass that will let the Cognac eau-de-vie express its full personality. For the best tasting experience, make sure the Cognac is at room temperature. HOLDING GLASS Full Capacity 1/3 Capacity The preferred choice is a "tulip" glass, whose shape has been studied and recommended by experts. The benefit of this type of glass is that it retains the aromas and reveals them with great delicacy throughout the tasting. This is the first contact with the Cognac and it is paramount: Fill the glass with about 1 fluid ounce of Cognac. Hold the glass by the foot so you can swirl the Cognac easily, slowly and gently. Raise the glass to eye level, if possible against a white background, to examine its color and appearance. Still holding the foot, gently tilt the glass to examine its intensity, while admiring the brilliance of the surface of the spirit. Tilting the glass makes the Cognac “cry", its tears running slowly down the side of the glass. 1 VISUAL EXAMINATION 2 ON THE NOSE 3 ON THE PALATE There are two ways of perceiving aromas: directly through the nose, or indirectly through the mouth (retro-olfaction). 1. Without moving the glass, you can discern the It is on the tongue and the palate that Cognac reveals its full identity. Take a sip and suck in a little air over the Cognac in your mouth. This brings the Cognac into contact with most of the taste receptors in the mouth. The ambient heat will also cause it to release aromatic vapors that highly volatile elements that are often extremely delicate and always fleeting. This is called the montant". 2. Swirl the glass very gently to aerate the Cognac. The contact with oxygen reveals its aromatic will reach the olfactive bulb via the retronasal passage. components.

Cognac Encyklopedia - Cognac Degusting Infographic

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Cognac Encyklopedia displays all procesess around cognac production


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