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Coffee In The UK

Cotfee ITALY'S FINEST GIMOKA COFFEE UK The Uk Coffee arrived in the thited Kingdam in 17th century. The first cafe was apened in Grford in 1650. An myth states that coffee was discovered by goats in Ethiopia, who were found jumping around after grazing on coffeebeans. Early coffee houses in Britain were called 'penny universities'. With only one penny, a person could buy a cup of coffee and find themselves in intellectually stimulating conversations. COFFEE IS BY FAR THE MOST POPULAR DRINK IN THE WORLD. OVER 400 BILLION CUPS OF COFFEE ARE CONSUMED EVERY YEAR. ON AVERAGE, BRITONS CONSUME ONLY 1,7KG OF COFFEE PER YEAR ONE OF THE LOWEST AMOUNTS IN EUROPE 1.7KG IN 2013, BRITONS SPENT £730 MILLION ON COFFEE. TOP 5 COFFEE CONSUMING COUNTRIES (PER CAPITA) 9.6 KG Norway 7.2 kg Netherlands 6.7 kg Finland 9.6 kg O 70 165 VS MILLION UK is MILLION 6.1 KG 5.5 KG 40th! CUPS OF COFFEE PER DAY CUPS OF TEA PER DAY Slovenia 6.1 kg Austria 5.5 kg AVERAGE BRITISH MALE COFFEE DRINKER 13 CUPS PER WEEK AVERAGE BRITISH FEMALE COFFEE DRINKER 11 CUPS PER WEEK Tuever laugh untit Tve had my coffee. COFFEE QUOTE Clark Gable COFFEE QUOTE ITS Tustaut Coffee TIME! IN 2012 UK MARKET FOR COFFEE AT HOME WAS WORTH MORE THAN £IBN ANNUALLY, AND IT CONTINUES TO GROW. COMPARI SON: ITALY 1% FRANCE 4% NSTANT COFFE USA 7% WHEN BUYING COFFEE FOR DRINKING AT HOME. 77% OF BRITS BUY MILK IN 2014. 2.81 MILLION PEOPLE USED INSTANT LATTE IN THE UK EN 2014 5.26MELLFON PEOPLE IN UK USED AT LEAST CUPS OF ENSTANT COFFEE A study has shown that people who prefer drinking instant coffee PER DAY are laid back and easy going people who love to procrastinate. COFFEE QUOTE Twould rather sutfer with coffee than be senseles. COFFEE QUOTE Napoleon Bonaparte AT THE END OF 2013, THERE WERE 16,501 COFFEE SHOPS ACROSS THE UK. 4 LARGEST COFFEE CHAINS IN THE UK 719 SHOPS 508 SHOPS H: GREGGS ARBUC CArre NERO COSTA COFFEE OFFE 1621 SHOPS 1582 SHOPS Actally, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart ie nearly every greatorisis - a good hotcup of coffee. Alexander King SOURCES: ITALY'S TINEST GIMOKA www.GCOFFEEPOD.COM COFFEE UK CREATIVE TEERKAT 日

Coffee In The UK

shared by peter1 on Jan 19
We all drink coffee, but how much do we really know about it? People usually take things they enjoy on daily basis for granted. If you ever wanted to know more about coffee culture trends or habits of...


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