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Coffee Travels But Where Does It Go?

COFFEE TRAVELS BUT WHERE DOES IT GO? Approximately 50 countries grow coffee and 30 countries import it. Nearly all coffee is grown in the “Bean Belt" between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorm LEGEND Exporters Importers Bean Belt TOP FIVE PRODUCERS 1. Brazil - 1,795,337 2. Vietnam - 1,076,875 3. Indonesia - 433,595 4. Colombia - 413,445 5. Guatemala - 235,518 IMPORTERS 1. United States - 1,344,217 2. Germany - 1,150,528 3. Italy - 481,340 4. Japan - 416,850 5. France - 359,860 "Slatsties by tons - from for 2010 The USA is the world's largest consumer of coffe importing 2.5 million pounds anually and representing 1/3 of all coffee exported. Nearly all coffee is transported by approximately 2,500 ships. Even though Germany is the second biggest importer of coffee, they re-export nearly half the coffee they import. Italy and Switzerland are also major re-exporters of coffee. -A 1oz shot of espresso contains about 1/3 the caffeine level of an 8oz cup of coffee. - About 50% of people in the U.S. drink specialty espresso based beverages or iced coffee." -According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, it takes 15.8g of ground coffee to make an 8oz cup. U.S. coffee drinkers consume three out of every four cups at home. -More than 500 Billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, making it the most popular drink worldwide. - The average independent coffee shop in the U.S. sells about 230 cups per day. -Only 20% of all harvested beans are considered to be premium coffee and only 9-13% is considered to be Specialty Quality. - Almost twice as much Arabica coffee is exported than the lesser quality Robusta. Athough the United States is the #1 importer of còffee, Finland has the highest coffee consumption per capita at nearly 3 times the amount of coffee consumed per person. "Statistics from eit Finland Norway Iceland Denmark Netherlands Sweden Switzeland Per capita consumption measured in kg per person Belgium One coffee bush yields slightly less than one pound of coffee per year. Luxembourg Aruba Infographic by Benjamin Zeman - July 2011 - - Vermont Specialty Coffee Roasters

Coffee Travels But Where Does It Go?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 28
Approxiamtely 50 countries grow coffee and 30 countries import it. Nearly all coffee grow in the "Bean Belt" between the tropics of cancer and Capricorn. Take a closer look at this infographic.


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