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Coffee Around the World

KOPI The world of coffee WORLD COFFEE PRODUCTION 7 million Gourmet coffee every month Delivered. tonnes per year ఇపి WORLD COFFEE CONSUMPTION CHERRIES COFFEE BEANS ROASTING 500 billion COFFEE Beans are roasted in a large drum at up to 288°C. At about 204°C beans make a cracking sound - 'first crack' - marking the beginning of light roasts. "Second crack'; the dividing point between medium and dark roasts happens when the beans are at about 224°C. -OUTER SKIN ARABICA ROBUSTA The coffee bean is actually the seed of a cherry-like fruit that turns bright red when ready to be picked. There are two coffee beans per cherry. The 'peaberry varietal, however, contains only one, much smaller, bean. There are two different types of coffee bean. The Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are cups per year PULP EPARCHMENT 70% 30% 288°C considered to be the best quality, but can only be grown above 2000 feet, while the Robusta can grow lower down. SILVERSKIN CAFFEINE COFFEE BEAN 100mg WORLD PRODUCTION per 150ml cup VIETNAM COFFEE BELT The coffee belt, or bean belt, extends above and below the equator in line with the tropics of cancer and capricorn. All commerically grown coffee ETHIOPIA COUNTRIES GROWING COFFEE COLOMBIA 50+ INDONESIA BRAZIL comes from this area. employing ~25m people Top 5 coffee producing countries by volume COFFEE TREES 4 billion TIPS FOR MAKING A GREAT COFFEE in Brazil (6) TOP CONSUMERS Finland 12kg / person per year LARGEST COFFEE PRODUCER FRESHNESS COLD WATER STORAGE MEASURE 2.25 billion Always use good quality, freshly Use fresh, clean water, preferrably Store coffee it in an airtight container in As a general rule use 10-12g of a cool, dry cupboard - never in the fridge or freezer as this introduces moisture. coffee - approximately a heaped dessert spoon- per mug (200ml). roasted coffee. For extra freshness filtered. Don't use mineral water as grind your own beans. it can taint the taste of the coffee. tonnes per year in Brazil All statistics correct at time of going to press February 2012 This info graphic is licensed by Kopi Ltd under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Coffee Around the World

shared by PJWilkinson on Feb 21
A beginners guide to the coffee producing regions around the world, what coffee beans are and how they're roasted, and tips for making a great coffee




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