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Cocoa Caravan: 49 Chocolate Treats From Around the World

Cocoa Caravan: 49 CHOCOLATE TREATS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Hop on the Cocoa Caravan and witness all of the wonderful ways that the world enjoys chocolate. Arnott's Tum Tam "I love chocolate! Hedgehog Slice Chocotorta Sachertorte Mozartkugel "Amo el chocolate!" "Ich liebe Schokolade!" AUSTRIA Round confection filled with marzipan, nougat, and dark chocolate, named after Mozart. ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA Cake crafted from layers of dulce de leche, cream cheese, and milk-drenched chocolate cookies. Uncooked fudgey square of alternating chocolate and biscuit sections. AUSTRALIA Rich chocolate cake with apricot jam filling. Biscuit with two layers of malted chocolate, filled with light chocolate cream filling. Guylian Chocolate Seashells Garoto Baton Brigadeiro Nanaimo Bar "I love chocolate, eh!" Coffee Crisp "Eu amo chocolate!" CANADA Chocolate bar made from alternating layers of vanilla wafer and foamed coffee-flavoured soft candy. BRAZIL CANADA BRAZIL "Ik hou van chocolade!" National truffle of Brazil, made from condensed milk, butter, powdered chocolate, and chocolate sprinkles. Lipstick-shaped rod of milk or white chocolate. No-bake bar dessert made from layers of wafer, custard icing, and melted chocolate. BELGIUM Chocolate truffles sculpted into ocean-themed shapes and filled with praline. Sibú Chocolate Miša Pålægschokolade Anthon Berg "Jeg elsker chokolade!" Cocoa tea Marzipan Bar "Amo el chocolate!" "Miluju čokoládu!" "Amo el chocolate!" COSTA RICA CZECH REPUBLIC DENMARK DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Organic chocolate that sources Costa Rican crops like cacao, cashews, vanilla, citrus fruits, spices, and chilis. DENMARK Thick tea made Chocolate-covered confection that has a frozen cream cheese center. Classic Danish treat of dark chocolate-coated from shredded cocoa, marzipan (sugar, honey, and almond paste). Thin slices of chocolate that are used as a topping for bread. condensed milk, Christmas bush leaves, and nutmeg. Cadbury Karl Fazer Double Decker Milk Chocolate "l'aime le chocolat!" "Jag älskar choklad!" Mendiant Pain au Chocolat Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte "I love chocolate!" "Ich liebe Schokolade!" FRANCE FRANCE Chocolate disk studded with nuts and dried fruits. Sweet roll made with layered dough and filled with dark chocolate. ENGLAND FINLAND GERMANY Chocolate bar layered with whipped nougat and cereal crispies. Iconic milk chocolate wrapped in blue that is cherished by Finnish natives. Literally "Black Forest cherry-torte," it is made from layers of chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream. Dominostein Donaшwelle Mosaiko Plátanos en Mole Chocolate Potato Cake "Is breá liom seacláid!" "Aarpeúw tn OKOláta!" GERMANY GERMANY Chocolate-enrobed sweet made from layers of lebkuchen (spiced honey cake), sour cherry or apricot jelly, and marzipan. Pound cake prepared with swirls of sour cherries, buttercream, and chocolate. "Amo el chocolate!" GREECE GUATAMALA Creamy and crunchy dessert that unites thick chocolate with biscuit chunks, Plaintains bathed IRELAND in chocolate- chipotle sauce. Thick, moist cake made with grated chocolate and potatoes. Krembo "N' NINA vIpih7!". Kinder Нарру Hippo Royce' Maccha Almond Chocolate Мрапatigghi Pignolata Messinese ITALY "Amo il cioccolato!" Half-moon-shaped cookies stuffed with a medley of almonds, walnuts, chocolate, cinnamon, and minced beef. ISRAEL ITALY Marshmallow treat with a biscuit base Pillowy pastry drenched in chocolate and lemon- “ 私 は チョコレー ITALY Hippo-shaped wafer biscuit filled with milk or FDitIFET" and thin layer of dairy-free chocolate. flavored syrup. JAPAN Whole almonds encased in matcha- infused chocolate. hazelnut icing. laima Serenāde Pascall Pineapple Champurrado Moorkop Afghan Biscuit "Amo el chocolate!" "Ik hou van chocolade!" echum, "I love chocolate!" "Es milu šokolādi!" MEXICO NEW ZEALAND NETHERLANDS Warm and thick corn beverage made with chocolate, panela, milk, and spices. LATVIA Crafted by a candy manufacturer as a proposal gift, it has fruit jelly, nuts, apricots, and chocolate. Cream puff filled with whipped cream and glazed with chocolate, often topped with fruit. Biscuit made from flour, butter, cornflakes, and chocolate, crowned with a half walnut. NEW ZEALAND Soft, chewy pineapple-flavored lumps covered chocolate. Plichye Moloko (Birds' Milk Cake) "A noáno WOKonag!" Chocotejas Champorado Wuzetka "Kocham czekoladę!" Amandine "Imi place ciocolata!" "Amo el chocolate!" "Mahal ko ang chocolate!" PERU POLAND PHILIPPINES ROMANIA Dumpling-shaped confection filled with manjar blanco (milky cream), dried fruits or nuts, and chocolate. Chocolate cream pie layered with Polish marmalade, jam, and whipped cream. Porridge made with sticky rice, milk, and chocolate. Chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate or almond cream. RUSSIA Sponge cake with a light soufflé center topped with chocolate glaze. Alenka Chocolate Zefir Torta Tre Monti Tuппоck's Teacake "I love chocolate!" Punsch-roll RUSSIA "Jag älskar choklad!" Chocolate-covered confection with a fluffy fruit meringue center. RUSSIA SAN MARINO SWEDEN Cylindrical pastry filled with crushed cookies, butter, and cocao, dipped in marzipan and chocolate. Affordable milk chocolate that was Cake made from SCOTLAND created by a special socialist food program in 1965. layers of thin waffled wafers and chocolate crème. Shortbread biscuit topped with a puff of Italian meringue encased with chocolate. SHEY'S Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar Carac Mississippi Mud Pie Boston Cream Pie "Ich liebe Schokolade!" "I love chocolate!" UNITED STATES UNITED STATES SWITZERLAND Sponge cake with custard cream filling and frosted with chocolate. Solid bar of milk chocolate that can be broken into small rectangles. UNITED STATES Tart pastry made with chocolate, creamy ganache, and green fondant. Dessert pie with a cookie crust and layers of creamy pudding and chocolate cake. AvasFlowers SOURCES: Better Flowers Lower Prices

Cocoa Caravan: 49 Chocolate Treats From Around the World

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Feast your eyes on this delicious infographic! Hop on the Cocoa Caravan for a tasty, tantalizing tour of 49 countries and their unique love affairs with chocolate. As you sample each scrumptuous morse...


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