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Christmas Crackers

CHRISTMAS CRACKERS 39% OF BRITS ARE CONFUSED as to whether they should drink RED OR WHITE WINE with their Christmas dinner TYSON 39.09 kg THE WORLD'S HEAVIEST TURKEY weighed (about the size of a large dog) It was auctioned for C4400 charity for a record Christmas dinner in Jamaica usually consists of rice, gungo peas, chicken, ox tail and curried goat. The average Christmas dinner contains up to The average Brit spends 6.3 HOURS 956 CALORIES " 126 OF FAT preparing their Christmas dinner from shelf to plate AND THE CHRISTMAS DINNER HOST SURVIVAL ~ GUIDE - SPILLAGES BREAKAGES CIG BURNS Throws on sofa and expensive furniture Plastic cups and glasses for post-dinner drinks. Designated smoking area outside. Emergency white wine for any red wine spills. (Only drink in an extreme drought) Remove valuable items or equipment from the living room If it's too rainy to banish smokers, make sure there are plenty of ashtrays хх TYPSY GUESTS WATER MARKS ARGUMENTS Choose your guests to invite carefully! Coasters (and extreme diligence to use thereof) Try and manage alcohol consumption to avoid any potential conflicts. Ensure there are jugs of water, soft drinks and nibbles aplenty Table cloths over tables and units Pre-manage the table seating plan In Provence, Southeastern France Christmas' eve dinner is called "GROS SOUPER יו {"BIG SUPPER"} and the residents eat 13 traditional Christmas desserts, which represent Jesus and the 12 apostles According to a study by the Food Network UK. COOKING CHRISTMAS DINNER IS SO TRICKY, IT TAKES US THE AVERAGE BRITON WILL CONSUME MORE THAN 47 YEARS 4,000 CAL ORTES OIN CHRISTMAS DAY TO PERFECT IT without any mishaps = TWICE THE RECOMMENDED DAILY AMOUNT According to L'Oreal research centre HATRED OF SPROUTS IS GENETIC The gene, carried by 70% of us, make the brain detect sharp, bitter flavours and DISLIKE SPROUTS Christmas 2008 saw the UK consuming approximately 10 MILLION 250 MILLION TURKEYS XMÄS PUDDINGS PINTS OF BEER 35 MILLION 25 MILLION BOTTLES OF WINE The UK spends £20 BILLION on Christmas, with For this you could book VIRGIN GALACTIC SPACE FLIGHTSO for you and 12,768 of your friends E1.6 BILLION going on food and drink A typical Austrian Christmas dinner would consist of braised carp served with gingerbread and beer sauce. This year Brits are likely to eat 15,000 TONNES OF BRUSSELS SPROUTS. The equivalent weight in gold bulion would be worth over £588 BILLION The Germans tend to have a game feast on Christmas day, usually wild boar or venison. The average family spends £133.70 on Christmas dinner but. 1/5TH OF IT GOES IN THE BIN W of gold.asp

Christmas Crackers

shared by carleden1988 on Dec 18
From Barker and Stonehouse comes an informative new infographic sharing some fun facts about Christmas dinner.


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