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Chocoholic! Everything You Wanted to Know about Chocolate

EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW CHOCOHOLIC! ABOUT CH OCOLATE THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A CRAVING FOR CHOCOLATE. For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate can be an addicting treat. Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made or where it comes from? Read on to find out! WORLD-WIDE CHOCOLATE CONSUMPTION THE CHINESE eat only 1 chocolate bar for every 1,000 eaten by the British. MEXICANS consume chocolate more as a spice and traditional drink than as candy. 49% EUROPE 24% NORTH AMERICA 15% ASIA AND OCEANIA 9% SOUTH AMERICA 3% AFRICA HALF OF Ivory Coast's livelihood depends on cacao production. TOP 5 COUNTRIES TOP 5 COUNTRIES COCOA EXPORTS COCOA IMPORTS 37% IVORY COAST 20% UNITED STATES 19% GHANA 13% GERMANY 15% INDONESIA 6% BELGIUM 9% NIGERIA 6% UNITED KINGDOM 7% CAMEROON 5% FRANCE HOW IT'S MADE: A LOOK AT CHOCOLATE PRODUCTION FIRST, cacao beans are sifted for foreign objects. They are then weighed SECOND, and sorted to determine which type of cacao will go into the chocolate. the beans are placed in rotating ovens and t° roasted for 30 minutes to two hours. Temperatures in the ovens range from 210-290 °F. AFTER roasting, the beans' outer shells are cracked and removed, leaving broken cacao bits called "nibs." THE NIBS are crushed and ground into chocolate liquor. NEXT, Milk Sugar sugar, vanilla, milk, and other ingredients are added to sweeten and smooth the SIXTH, chocolate liquor. the chocolate is "conched." This process involves running the chocolate through a machine that mixes, mashes, and aerates it to give it a silky smooth FINALLY, texture. the chocolate is stirred, cooled, and reheated slowly-the end result is a delicious chocolate bar! BREAKD OWN OF DIFFERENT CHOCOLATE TYPES WHITE MILK DARK CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE GIVEN THE CHOICE.... WHITE MILK DARK 30% 50% 20% of Americans prefer of Americans prefer of Americans prefer white chocolate. milk chocolate. dark chocolate. TREAT YOURSELF! THEOBROMINE is a substance found in cacao which dilates arteries and has been used to treat high blood pressure. Next time you treat yourself to a bite of chocolate, enjoy it guilt-free! INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY Sources: the-most-chocolate/ MILK SUGAR COCOA BUTTER MILK SUGAR COCOA BUTTER COCOA POWDER SUGAR COCOA BUTTER COCOA POWDER

Chocoholic! Everything You Wanted to Know about Chocolate

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Cacao and milk chocolate taste very different—in fact, there are several steps in the process of turning cacao into the chocolate you know and love! You can learn all about chocolate production in t...


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