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Chicken VS Pork

THE ULTIMATE SNACK OFF! EATING IT WITH WINE IS ADVISED BIG y at the BIG ROUND PLATE- only Eat it ENERGY CHICKEN VS PORK ROUND 1 The chicken makes a clean swoop in the energy stakes by weighing in with 150 oomph-yielding calories per 100g. A large breast also gives you your RDA of niacin, which will help your body produce energy from all the foods you eat and keep your nervous and digestive system healthy. With only 103 calories per 100g the hog is ideal for those trying to become less of a porker. Its also a stellar source of vitamins B12, B6 and B3, which break down the carbs and fat to help your muscles pig out on the energy from the rest of the foods on your plate. MUSCLE VS One hundred grams of fowl - one decent sized breast - will serve up ROUND 2per 100g. Whats more, 189 of brawn-building protein. Chicken is also feathered with the amino acid leuci ne, which a report in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found enhanced athletic performance by helping your body convert the protein you eat into muscle. That should move you up your teamÆs pecking order. Chomping chops gives |you 20g of protein eat ing like a pig wont make you look like one because research at the US Institute of Food Technology found that pork tenderloins have as much fat as a lean chicken breast. Its also rich in zinc, which helps your body produce the testosterone used to build muscle and the stamina of a boar when you sow your wild oats. RECOVERY VS A single breast wil1 give you a 104mg serving of omega-3s which research at the University of Newcastle found to be anti- inflammatory. But try and shun the bargain basement chooks because a study in the Meat Science journal found organic chickens had 38% more omega-3 than their will also help keep your non-organic brothers. A 200g hunk of pork will give you 100% ROUND 3 of your RDA of the ant 10xidant selenium, which research in Biological Trace Element Research found helped athletes recover faster after exercising to exhaustion. The muscle repairing mineral zinc i mmunity high after exercise according to a study in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews . So eat ing the swine may actually help you stave off the swine flu. Per Capita Meat Consumption in Selected Countries in 2009, kg 120 | Poultry | Beef | Pork 29 100 80 22 25 40 60 42 19 35 25 40 16 14 20 8. 10 17 50 20 15 34 35 29 23 25 21 11 World South Africa Ukraine Russia EU-27 Canada Australia USA Average Source: Ukrstat, Company data, Meat Union of Russia, USDA PORK VS CHICKEN NO HOME SPONSORED BY: TV GOURMANDIA Source(s): CANADA

Chicken VS Pork

shared by RoranStronghammer on Apr 27
Here is an comparison between pork and chicken meat. This infographics base the comparison using three category, Energy, Muscle and Recovery benefits.




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