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Cheddar An American Favorite

„cheese Fleaser The U.S. produces In 2010, per person consumption of Cheddar was more than 3 billion lbs. 10.44 LBS of Cheddar per year! Cheddar *.........+.......... An American Favorite. ORIGIN: ENGLAND Cheddar cheese was first made in southwest England around the end of the 12th century TYPE: FIRM, AKA SEMI-HARD Its name derives from the caves that were used to Cheddar can be mild, medium, sharp, or extra sharp, depending on how long it has been aged store the cheese near Cheddar, England The color of Cheddar is naturally white WELL-KNOWN VARIETIES Orange Cheddars usually get their color from annatto, a natural dye SOMERSET CHEDDAR Nutrition Facts VERMONT CHEDDAR 1 oz (28.35g) Cheddar WISCONSIN CHEDDAR Calories 114 Fat 9.4 g Cholesterol 30 mg Britain's "Government Cheddar" 176 mg Sodium 204 mg During World War II, the British government nationalized the cheese industry, requiring that all cheese-producing milk be used to produce one variety: Government Cheddar Calcium Protein 7.06 g As a result, fewer than 100 of the more than 3,500 cheese makers in Britain were still in business after the war * Due to its minimal lactose, it's a good source of calcium for people who are mildly lactose intolerant * Contains more protein and less sodium than many other cheeses REALLY aged Cheddar Recently, a Wisconsin cheese monger discovered a forgotten block of Cheddar that had aged for 40 years in his walk-in cooler - and it was still edible! * Relatively high in fat, with more calories per ounce than other popular varieties PAIRING SUGGESTIONS Apples, pears, and onions all work very well with this cheese. Stouts pair well with sharp Cheddars, while mild Cheddars work better with ales Classic Мшшр Daring Try a sharp Cheddar with a glass of bourbon! Created for © QuinStreet, Inc., 2012 Chef 2Chef Sources Cheese Sales & Trends, International Dairy Foods Asso ciation Wisconsin Cheese Mart Strikes Gold vith Óld Cheese Discover, Huffington Post, 2012 Types of Cheeses, Intenational Dairy Foods Association Cheddar, Eat Wisconsin Cheese Cool Britannia rules the whey, Cheese, cheddar Nutrient Data Laboratory, U.S. Department of Agriculture Cheddar Cheese, Bourbon And Cheese Combination Suggestions, Drinks Planet Understanding Dairy Markets, Agriculture and Applied Economics, UW Madison chef2Chef's

Cheddar An American Favorite

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Is there any better guilty pleasure than cheese? Ranging from creamy, smooth marscapone to sharp, pungent aged cheddar, there's a cheese for every occasion. Adding to the guilt -- and the delight -- i...


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