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The Case for Beer

the CASE for BEER Why You Should Enjoy It & Enjoy It Right Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced-records as far back as the Sumerians in 2050 BC show evidence of beer trade and brew recipes. And while Beer doesn't often get much credit for being a beneficial beverage, EVIDENCE IS STARTING TO REVEAL THAT BEER IS AS HEART-HEALTHY AS WINE. IF YOU'RE DRINKING BEER ICE COLD YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. According to Slate, drinking beer at ice-cold temperatures (as is often recommended) RUINS THE ΕNJOΥΜΕNT OF IT. The American Brewer's Association does not recommend any beer to be served BELOW THE TEMPERATURE OF 40°F. Most standard draft systems are built to operate at 38 F. KEY AROMATIC COMPOUNDS CANNOT DISPERSE AT CERTAIN TEMPERATURES, so if the beer is served to cold, the drinker zeon't experience certain aromas and flavors. BA The American Brewer's Association recommends following a serving temperature guide to get the full flavor and aroma of beers. FOLLOWING THESE RULES WILL MAXIMIZE THE ENJOYMENT OF YOUR BEER: 50°- 55°F 40°- 45°F Serve darker beers, from Serve pilsners, wheat beers, ambers to imperial stouts. blonde ales, and other Double IPAS and light beers. British bitters are at their best at the warmer end of the spectrum-around 55°. GREAT BEER CHEESE & FOOD PAIRINGS. BLONDE ALE CHICKEN SALMON SALAD MONTEREY JACK Blonde ales go well with lighter foods like chicken, salmon, salads, It also goes well with light, nutty cheeses like Monterey Jack. HEFEWEIZEN SALAD SEAFOOD SUSHI GOAT CHEESE Hefeweizen pairs nicely with salads, seafood, and sushi and light, fruity desserts. It also goes well with simple goat cheeses. IPA SPICY FOOD DESSERT GORGONZOLA CAMBOZOLA IPAS go well with strong, spicy foods, and bold, sweet desserts. It pairs nicely with gorgonzola or cambozola cheeses. AMBER ALE CHICKEN BURGER CARAMEL PORT-SALUT DESSERT Amber Ales go great with chicken, burgers, and caramelly deserts. It pairs nicely with slightly tangy cheeses like Port-Salut. PORTER BBQ FOOD CHOCOLATY GRUYERE DESSERT Porters compliment roasted, smoked, or barbequed foods and chocolaty desserts. It also goes well with Gruyere cheese. HEALTH REASONS TO DRINK BEER This is not professional medical advice. Consult with your doctor or a licensed medical professional about what is best for your health. HEART HEALTH A European Study found that moderate beer consumption (about a pint of a day) REDUCES THE RISK OF HEART DISEASE BY 31%. Alcohol consumption reduces the risk of heart disease by RAISING HIGH-DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN (good cholesterol). DIABETES People with Diabetes who drink moderately REDUCE THE RISK OF CORONARY HEART DISEASE (one of the biggest complications that can arise from Diabetes). Moderate drinking may also prevent the development of TYPE 2 DIABETES later in life. BONE STRENGTH According to Forbes, beer may play a role in preventing bone loss. Moderate beer consumption may also help actually REBUILD BONE MASS in men and young women. OVERALL HEALTH People who drink beer in moderation tend to REPORT FEWER INSTANCES OF ILL HEALTH than those who drink excessively or those who don't drink at all. BRAIN BENEFITS Adults over the age of 65 zwho drank 1-6 beverages per week showed a LOWERED RISK OF DEMENTIA compared to adults in the same age group who drank more than 6 beverages per week or did not drink at all. ALWAYS IN MODERATION While drinking beer has benefits in moderation, once consumption becomes excessive (more than one or two a day or in one sitting) negative health effects result. Beer can be enjoyed much more when paired with the right foods and beverages, and when served with the right temperature. If you've been drinking it ice cold, experiment with some food pairings and with raising the temperature a few degrees to see how the difference strikes you. THE MORE BEER IS SAVORED AND ENJOYED, THE MORE LIKELY RESPONSIBLE ENJOYMENT IS, AND THE GREATER THE LIKELIHOOD OF REAPING THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF BEER. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD F-a0141346971 http://www.craf Speed=undefined Speed=undefined efined tn ess/workouts/beer-and-fitness-can-it-be

The Case for Beer

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Frugal Dad explains how to serve beer, what to serve it with, and how in moderation, it can benefit your health. Cheers!


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