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Can You Taste A Culinary Arts Career?

CAN YOU TASTE A CULINARY ARTS CAREER? STUDY DOESN'T ALWAYS NEED TO LEAD TO THE STOVE The restaurant industry provides jobs for 13 MILLION PEOPLE', including 115,400 CHEFS? and head cooks, and 807,8002 food preparation workers. Restaurant industry jobs will INCREASE by 2.8%? in 2014, outpacing the 1.8%? GAIN in total U.S. employment. THERE ARE MANY CULINARY CAREER OPTIONS BOTH IN AND OUTSIDE RESTAURANT SETTINGS FEAST YOUR EYES ON FOOD AND BEVERAGE EDUCATION DEGREES PRE-GRAD GENERAL INTERNSHIP COOKING DEGREES WHO QUALIFICATION DURATION* REQUIRED Students interested in Completion of general education Four Yes Bạchelor of Arts (B.A.) in Culinary Arts careers at the highest levels of the culinary industry, both years inside and outside coursework restaurants. Students interested Completion of Two years general education coursework Associate of Yes Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Culinary Arts specifically in the kitchen environment. (full-time), Four years (part-time) Students who want a very focused program specializing in the specialty in baking; it may lead to careers in restaurants, bakeries or elsewhere. Associate of Strong interest Two years Yes Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Baking and Pastry of baking OTHER DEGREES AND PRE-GRAD GENERAL INTERNSHIP DURATION* REQUIRED WHO LEARNING OPTIONS QUALIFICATION Completion of general Students wanting to work in the rapidly growing world of specialty mixology, wine, beer and liquor. Four Yes Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Hospitality Management; Beverage Management years education coursework Students who want to own and/or operate establishments in the food and beverage industry. Bachelor of Arts Completion of Four Yes general education (B.A.) in Hospitality Management; Restaurant/Food and Beverage Management years coursework Students who want to gain a greater understanding of food and have a higher level of home cooking skills. Strong interest in cooking and baking 10 weeks to one No Culinary Certificate Experience year * Time to completion may vary depending on student's course load and successful completion of the courses. A FULL MENU OF FOOD AND BEVERAGE CAREERS RESTAURANT CAREERS AND EXAMPLE DEGREES AVERAGE SALARY A restaurant's executive chef is generally in charge of planning menus, kitchen sanitation, food quality control, production scheduling, purchasing supplies, food presentation, training kitchen staff and assigning duties. Typically they have significant experience and a formal education. EXECUTIVE CHEF B.A. A.A.S. $69,494 Culinary Arts Culinary Arts A.A.S. B.A. A.A.S. Chefs specializing in making pastries or other baked goods, with some going on own their own businesses. PASTRY CHEF $33,000 Baking and Pastry Culinary Arts Culinary Arts B.A. A.A.S. The sous chef performs many of the same duties as the executive chef and requires similar training. SOUS CHEF $44,627 Culinary Arts Culinary Arts NON-RESTAURANT COOKING CAREERS AND EXAMPLE DEGREES AVERAGE SALARY A private chef serves one or more clients, preparing all of their meals. These chefs may provide meal planning PRIVATE $200- B.A. A.A.S. CHEF 500 per day and meal services. Culinary Arts Culinary Arts A person or company who plans, delivers and prepares food for events or occasions. A caterer may be self-empl hospitality company, or even operate out of a mobile delivery vehicle. $32,000- 75,000 PROFESSIONAL B.A. A.A.S. CATERING depending work for a restaurant or on location and size of Culinary Arts Culinary Arts company 66 Jodi Fyfe B.A. in Hospitality Management from Kendall College, '91 Current role: Principal of Paramount Events My education in Hospitality Management provided the foundation for my career and taught me how to balance the art of hospitality with the science of business management. 99 NON-RESTAURANT CAREERS AND EXAMPLE DEGREES AVERAGE SALARY A person who may work directly with food in the development of recipes or ingredients, improve food products and $60,000 set standards for food production and packaging. FOOD B.A. TECHNOLOGY Culinary Arts Types of careers include: account executive, advertising manager, ad sales director, communications specialist, event coordinator, market analyst, market researcher, media buyer, media coordinator, product development manager, public relations director or sales manager. PUBLIC RELATIONS/ MARKETING B.A. B.A. $40,000 Culinary Arts Hospitality Management Damien Eftekhar A.A.S. Culinary Arts from Kendall College, '01 Current role: Culinary Associate Manager, Consumer Relationship Marketing at Kraft Foods The beauty of my culinary education is that even if you don't end up being a chef, what chef instructors teach will prepare you for anything. The chef mentality applies to any field, including the key values of open-mindedness, humility and discipline. Focusing on these allowed me to learn from the best and succeed in some very competitive areas in the culinary world. 99 RESTAURANT A person who provides advice to B.A. B.A. A.A.S. restaurateurs as they open a new restaurant or attempt to revive a failing one. AND $52,000 FOOD CONSULTING Culinary Arts Culinary Arts Hospitality Management High school, college or culinary school instructor. EDUCATION $53,000 B.A. varies depending on level Culinary Arts A.A.S. B.A. Includes: cookbook writer/editor, food critic/reviewer, food photographer, food stylist or recipe writer/editor. WRITERS AND $47,000 EDITORS Culinary Arts Hospitality Management Maggie Hennessy Certificate of Professional Cookery from Kendall College, '10 Current role: Senior Correspondent, FoodNavigator-USA, budget dining columnist, Chicago Magazine I didn't pursue a certificate of my chef instructors were extremely supportive of my goal to become a full-time food writer, facilitating additional learning opportunities that fit my aspirations. 99 I cooke for traditional reasons Sources: Avg. salary information from:· - • - READY FOR THE WORLD Kendall College CHICAGO • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Can You Taste A Culinary Arts Career?

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Ever think about pursuing a career in the culinary arts field? Many people dream about becoming a top chef at a 5 star restaurant, however there are also 13 million jobs provided by the restaurant in...


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