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Can Weight Loss Save You Money?

CAN WEIGHT LOSS SAVE YOU MONEY? If looking better and feeling better doesn't motivate you to drop a few pounds, perhaps cold hard cash is the incentive you need to revamp your diet and 72 hit the treadmili. MILLION But can whittling your waistline really add some heft to your wallet? SAVING at the doctor's The number of adults in the United States currently affected by obesity. A person who is obese has annual medical costs $1,429 higher than someone of a normal weight. OFFICE EAT LESS, • SPEND Does dropping a few LESS P? pants sizes trim food costs? Quite possibly. If your dinners cost $5 a meal and you split them in half – eating half one night and half another night - you save $912.50 a year. Extra body weight is associated with numerous health conditions,ranging from diabetes to heart disease. CUTTING insurance PREMIUMS A person's physical health has a big impact on life insurance rates. Policyholders who are overweight often pay higher premiums because they are at increased risk for many health problems. Notes: BOOST YOUR SALARY 15 Just one a soda a a day can cause 15 Being overweight can also have one hidden cost that many overlook: a negative impact on wages and salary. pounds of weight gain per year. POUNDS All things being equal, employers may not hire an overweight or obese person over others because of the risk of increased health care costs. Souroes: CDC, Amerioan Journal of Clintcal Nutrition, Barbara O'Nedll; "Small Stepa to Health and Wealth." Jay Zagorsky, Ohio State University.

Can Weight Loss Save You Money?

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We all know that we should shed those few extra pounds for our health, but are there benefits to our pocketbook as well? It turns out that losing weight has the hidden benefit of not just easing the ...


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