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Can Chocolate Really be Good For You?

CAN CHOCOLATE REALLY BE GOOD FOR YOU? Chocolate has been part of popular culture for hundreds of years, and has a history exfending back way further. Its popularity never wains, simply because it is so delicious, but of course there are many warnings about chocolaté being bad for your health. But are they all true, or can chocolate actually be good for you? YES IT CAN - AND HERE'S WHY A 20g SERVING OF 70% COCOA DARK CHOCOLATE GIVES YO.. 10g FIBRE THAT'S 10% GDA! The equivalent weight of wholemeal bread (which works out around half a slice) will give you half the amount of fibre - just 5% of your Guideline Daily Amount. Fibre helps prevent heart disease, improves digestive health, helps to prevent and manage diabetes and even helps to prevent some cancers. As it makes you feel fuller for longer, fibre can also help to prevent weight gain. So chocolate helps you stay slim – result! 1/10th OF THE RECOMMENDED INTAKE OF MAGNESIUM Magnesium is a macro-nutrient that helps with more than 300 body processes. It aids with detoxification, body temperature regulation, nerve impulses, and helps prevent diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, constipation and much more. Our daily dose of dark chocolate gives us around 10% towards our recommended intake of magnesium. GOOD CHOLESTEROL FROM FATTY ACIDS The saturațed fat content in chocolate appears high at first glance, different types, each of which is treated differently. Stearic acid makes up around half the fatty açid.conțent and this is transformed to monounsaturated acid during digestion. This means that the distribution of fatty acids released into the bloodstream is actually favourable for blood cholesterol levels. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate daily can reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholésterol levels. LOTS OF ANTIOXIDANT BENEFITS Chocolate conțains vitamin E, copper and beta-çarotene, all of which have important antioxidant roles. The polyphenols within chocolate are very imporțant, not only for their ability to nutrilise free radicals and reduce cell damage caused by oxidation, but they also have a whole range of other benefits, inçluding reducing the risk of blood clots, reducing inflammation, and increasing the blood supply internal organs. CHEERY MOOD The sugar content helps to produce seratonin in the brain, the happy chemical that lifts our mood, and reduces pain and anxiety. The caffeine, theobromine and theophylline within chocolate are all known to boost the mood, by stimulating the production of phenylethylamine. Copyright © 2014

Can Chocolate Really be Good For You?

shared by lindablandine on May 02
There are very few people that don't adore chocolate, but with conflicting messages about whether it is good for you, it is difficult to know whether we should indulge or avoid. This infographic h...


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